5 Ways to Remember Things You Know You’re Going to Forget

Dear Aunt Edith,

I am ALWAYS forgetting things: homework, chores, friends’ birthdays…

Do you know any tips to help remember things?”


Dear NevaGonnaRememba5678,

When I was your age, my memory was sharper than a tack! But I’ve been forgetting things in my old age… Anyways, I’ve come up with five ways to help you remember things. At least one of them should work for you.

1.) Write it down where you will see it. If you are trying to remember to do something, such as homework, writing it down on in a notebook that goes home with you will help you remember. Other places to write things like this down include: your bulletin board, white board, a paper taped to your bedroom door, and pretty much anywhere else that you will see it.

2.) Change something that will get your attention. For example, when I was packing for Camp Bournedale seventy-three years ago, I had to remember to pack my toothbrush in the morning. I took a paper cup and put it on my toothbrush box (I had braces) so in the morning, I would wonder, Why is there a cup there? Then I would remember it was to pack to my toothbrush.

3.) Sing the things you need to remember. If you have to remember a code or an address, try singing it to the tune of your favorite song. It is easy to remember things when you give it a tune.

4.) Write a memo on your phone. Now, I haven’t the slightest clue how a “cellular device” can remember things for you, but my great-grandson told me it could. According to him, it’s not magic, it’s science. I still don’t understand.

5.) Ask people to remind you. Ask a lot of people to remind you. One of them should remember and remind you. “Text” (whatever that is) them, or even text yourself to ask for help.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. Now where did I put my hearing aids?


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