Maroon 5’s New Album, V

A couple months ago, Maroon 5, with the lead singer of Adam Levine, just published a new album called V . V is the Roman numeral for 5, and this is their fifth album. It is really rocking fantastic. If you like Maroon 5, then you should listen to V. Although Maroon 5 is starting to become more pop, and is accused of leaving behind their “Honeyed California Coastal Soul,” according to the Billboard Rating, it is still a good album. Levine’ s vocal is still strong and their foundation is still evident.  My favorite songs on the album are: It Was Always You, Unkiss Me, Sugar, and Leaving California. The album is almost an hour long, and if you like upbeat love songs then this album is definitely for you!!!

Cassandra Grace—-October 16, 2014


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