Guys and Doll auditions!!!!

The auditions for Guys and Dolls approach! Next Wednesday, the 5th of November, all sixth graders have the opportunity to audition. The following Thursday the 6th are tryouts for seventh and eighth graders. Auditioning can be stressful, with Mr. Grossman’s eyes staring down into your soul, trying to remember the words to a song you thought you knew, and focusing on singing on key. As some one who has auditioned before, I can offer a few tips to first time auditioners. One thing to remember is that you will be nervous. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it, so act like you’re calm. Acting collected during an audition shows that you can act collected on stage. Before and after you audition, you will wait in the cafeteria. Keep in mind that that is part of your audition, too. If you behave poorly in the cafeteria, it gives the impression that you always misbehave. I would recommend doing homework while waiting, as auditions can last well into the night. Don’t forget to try hard and do your best!

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