Interview with Mr. Chevalier, Grade 6 Humanities Teacher

1.) What inspired you to be a teacher?

I never wanted to teach, I just kind of fell into it. I was working with a company that was going to relocate to New York. I didn’t want to move to NewYork, so I volunteered in my child’s kindergarten class. It turned out, I really liked it! So, I started teaching my own classes.

2.) How many different subjects have you taught in your career?

I’ve taught six to seven subjects, including all the four primary subjects.

3.) What do you think of the way that the schedule of the sixth grade is set up this year compared to last year? (Meaning a comparison of the amount of teachers and moving around)

I don’t feel any different about it because I’m teaching the same amount of time periods, but I do miss working with Mrs. Gagnon – the boss!

4.) What is you favorite subject?

History and Literature

5.) Where is somewhere that you have visited and liked and somewhere you would like to travel to?

I’ve loved so many: I love anything in Europe, South America, as well as Israel, Jordan, and Malta. I would like to visit Bora Bora (an island).

6.) What other grades have you taught?

Kindergarten, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, eight grade,and ninth grade

7.) Do you have a favorite tie?

Yes it has a handprint pattern on it.

8.) What is one very important thing that keeps a classroom going?

Motivation is important.  Keeping my students motivated and myself motivated.

9.) Do you have anything to say to your former students?

Please come back and visit often!

10.) Do you think this interview went well?

Yes very well. I was surprised that you picked me over other teachers.

Interviewed on October 30, 2014 

Interviewers: Julia Menaker and Meghan Brady 

(Notice how we chose the day closest to Halloween 😛 )

Just kidding 🙂

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