What to Do if You Forget Your Homework

“Dear Aunt Edith,

I keep forgetting my homework. Like – more often than not.

What do I do if I forget it again?”


Dear UhOhWheresMyHomework1234567898,

Remembering homework is hard to do. Even I as a child forgot homework. Whether it be forgetting to bring it home, forgetting to bring it back to school, or even forgetting to do it, there’re simple ways to remember your homework.

Remember to bring it home. Before you pack up to leave, ask people around you, “Do we have any (insert subject here) homework?” Ask a few people, because of course the one person you ask will forget that homework just like you did.

Remember to do it. Most teachers in the middle school have blogs. Assuming they do, find your teachers’ blogs and bookmark the page(s). Check it every night. If they don’t, write the assignment down in a notebook or piece of paper.

Remember to bring it in. As soon as you finish the assignment, put it in your backpack. Even if you forget it, as soon as you remember try to call someone at home who can bring it to you. DON’T MAKE  A HABIT OUT OF THIS.

Good Luck!


Aunt Edith

P.S. If you need any advice, I do believe you’re able to comment.If you can, send me a question and my grandson will show me how to read it. Though, he will probably have to read it to me…

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