Dear Aunt Edith,

My friend is getting bullied.What do I do?”


Dear ScaredandTryingtoHelp1010102,

This is a tough and scary thing. Talk to your friend. How does s/he feel? Talk to adults. What do they think you should do? Talk to the bullies. Ask them about your friend. Tell them your feelings. Tell them her/his feelings. Find a happy place to keep everyone. Are the bullies mad your friend talks a lot during class? Fix that. Compromise. You can save a life.

Rumors are another problem. Its not okay to spread rumors if you don’t know they’re true. If you hear something that you doubt is true, tell an adult. Gossip and rumors count as bullying, too.

Cyber-bullying is just as bad, if not worse. If you were at the Ryan’s Story presentation, you would know that saying mean things about someone online doesn’t make it any less mean.

Sorry this is short. Have to find my cane.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. Have any questions? Need advice? Comment below with your question or request.

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