Big Hero Six

I just recently watched Big Hero Six Disneys new comic book movie based on Marvel comics. It also has a cameo of Stan Lee showing that the father of one of the characters is Stan Lee. In it you meet a character that does a game called bot fighting were he tricks a mobster thinking he has a weak. But then he uses his bot and destroys the oppent.The brother of the main character works at a college for nerds. Then he decides he wants to go to the college and meets the main characters. He decides at the presentation to use these magnets which are wanted by a rich man. But suddenly a fire happens and kills his brother and the principal of the college.  He then finds Baymax a healer robot. He then finds the villan who uses his magnets to fight. He then transforms Baymax into a fighting robot. But gets beat by the sure number of the magnets. Then the other characters become superhero’s. One having a little ball which explodes and sticks. One with a laser daggers on his arm. Another with a suit which gives him a flamethrower and supper hops. Last person with a razor rollerblades. When plotwist the villain is the principal who wants revenge from the rich guy who killed his daughter. HE USES a black hole but in there they save the daughter but baymax dies. But in his hand they find a chip with all his data. Last they rebuild him and there’s a happy ending. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.


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