Editorial Batman

I am writing this post to argue for the sake of Marvel Comics, DC comics, and comics everywhere.  A recent post gave Batman, and other super heroes a bad rap, especially Aquaman, stating that he was the least liked superhero.  That is simply an opinion, and since they gave their’s, here’s mine.  First off, DC does a good job portraying most of their superheroes, including Batman.  If Batman was badly portrayed, his trademark would not, I repeat would not, be on hats, shirts, socks, posters, etc.  Well, it is.  Batman and Robin was an original show, and they occasionally still play reruns of it.  The puns are what make it original and were what helped make the show what it was. (totally great) Next, he talked about how Aquaman was the least liked superhero, and I have to disagree.  Aquaman has some cool abilities. He can breath under water, talk to sea life, and use water when in battle.  Tell me another superhero that can do that.  There isn’t one.  The other post also states that in the new Batman vs Superman, Batman will win because “he just needs to buy some kryptonite and kill him”.  It’s not really that simple.  Remember, Batman won the last battle. Batman also has no super powers.  Anything could happen.  I only wrote this for the main purpose to state some different information and opinions.

—Meghan Brady December 4, 2014

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