The Book Thief

My favorite book EVER is The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. It takes place in Germany during World War II and the Holocaust. Liesel Meminger is a girl growing up during this time. Her brother passes away on a train, and during his funeral one of the grave-diggers drops a guide to digging graves. She picks it up, and uses it along with her father who has adopted her to learn to read and write. Playing soccer with her best friend Rudy, getting beat by teachers in school, and everything else in her daily life comes to a screeching halt when Max Vandenburg, a Jewish fist-fighter, comes to live in her basement to escape the hands of the Nazis. A friendship forms between Liesel and Max, and a strong one at that. Liesel steals books throughout the novel as the need for eating eats her up.

This story is brilliantly written. Those who like Lemony Snicket will also love this dark, exciting book. The further you get into the book, the more and more you find out about the mysterious narrator.

-Julia Menaker, December 11, 2014


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