Fangirl Power

Dear Aunt Edith,

I can’t stop fangirling about his one series of books! They are amazing books, though. But I think it’s starting to get on my friends nerves .They say that the book is ALL i talk about, when in reality, I talk about plenty of other things. It’s just that that book is my FAVORITE book. It’s so amazing and it has action, adventure, great characters, and my favorite part is when… oh wait. There I go again.

Please help.


Dear fangirlomgluvitfolyfe1234,

It sounds like you’re dealing with an obsession. Do you feel as though you’re dealing with an obsession? If so, continue reading.

Everyone has likes and dislikes. Everyone has loves and hates. Books, movies, TV shows, sports… you can obsess over anything.

There are two kinds of obsessions: healthy obsessions, and unhealthy obsessions.

A healthy obsession would be like if you’re obsessed with Green Day, for example, so you raise money to buy tickets to a concert and you’re just happy listening to their music.

An unhealthy obsession would be like if you’re obsessed with a book, so you read the book over and over again, look up fan fiction from that book then delete it from your search history, trace out the words you’re obsessed with of the book on the furry part of your coach, drawing detailed images of the characters… And NOT wanting to be obsessed with it so much.

Finding new interests, such as reading new books, can help get you a little obsessed.

For a while, everything you’ll see will remind you of something from your obsession, but you’ll get over it eventually.

In conclusion, it’s okay to like something, and okay to obsess over it, but you have to keep in mind, you can’t live your life in the shadow of your obsession.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. It’s okay. I sometimes obsess over Elvis. Half the time. Most of the time. All the time…

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