PARCC-Part 2

Oh my lord! PARCC is the mother of freaking evil. If you didn’t like taking MCAS, good luck. PARCC is an all computerized test to see how smart you are.  NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! PARCC is definitely more advanced than the MCAS testing. Although, MCAS is easier than PARCC, it doesn’t prepare you enough for college. Then again, how can a test prepare you for college? Yeah, I’m not really buying it. MCAS, although teachers may not want you, students will cry for your love. Please, come back. We need you. More importantly, we want you. The tests are better on freaking paper, and MCAS is on paper, so I vote MCAS. PARCC “prepares you for college,” and is also known as the worst online testing system ever. YAY! Not. Mark your calendars boys and girls, today is the day that public school systems died in The United of America.  You should mourn. Your school just died; you’re suffering from a great loss. The People Are already Ruining my College and Careers.(Look at the capital letters. I did something funny.) So the real question here is how does a standerized test prepare you for college and your future? I personally don’t think it does, like I already stated. Anyway, PARCC is harder than MCAS by a long shot, so good luck, and test well. ~~Cassandra Grace


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