Mind-Boggling Questions and Thoughts

There are some questions out there that we often need to think very hard about.  Some of these questions require more thinking than others in order to form a conclusion.  And some, well, some you just can’t.

1. If the sun illuminates the earth, why is space dark?

2.  How did people invent language? Did they just look at something and say the first thing that came to mind?

3. (This one might be difficult to understand so I included an example)What if the colors we see aren’t the same as the colors other people see, and we just assume they are the same? (Ex. I look at my phone and see that it is black. Another person looks at my phone and sees a different color that they know as black, and we just assume they are the same color)

4. Roads connect you to virtually any place that you want to go to on this whole continent.

5.  Maybe there are multiple different universes and each one has a “me” in it and they do activities similar to the ones I do, except slightly different.

6. What if your life is actually a book being written by some author, and every time you forget what you were going to say it’s because the author is erasing the sentence you were about to say.

7. Can you cry under water?

8. Typing: Pushing buttons that have symbols on them and then those symbols get transferred to the screen in front of you. You can click more buttons that will send it to an infinite place, the internet, where any person can read it and immediately understand what you were thinking.

9. Why is 11 not pronounced as onety-one?

10. Every book you have ever read is just a different combination of 26 letters.

11. What if everything you are seeing right now is just a hallucination from breathing oxygen, and that’s why when you stop breathing you black out.

12. Say that in the future, time travel is possible. If you think about it, people could use time travel as a weapon, using it to see into the future to figure out when is the best time to commit a crime or going back to change something that made society what it is today. So, does this mean there would need to be time-travel police if it is ever possible? This would mean that a lot of the population would need to be “time-travel police”, so that there can consistently be people alert and watching in everyday that has and will happen.  Or would it just be better if humanity leaves it alone?

13. What does water taste like?

14. A mom, dad, and child are sitting at a table. The mom says, “Your dad is always false.” The dad says, “That is very true.”

—Meghan Brady, February 26, 2015

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