My OTP Broke Up

“Dear Aunt Edith,

I guess this is kind of silly, but something DEVASTATING in the world of me just happened.

In one of my favorite shows, my OTP broke up.

I don’t think you need to hear all the details, but I’m really upset and can’t stop obsessing about them. I just feel really sad and depressed right now.

Please send advice!”


Dear MyOtpHasBrokeUpAndIJustDiedOnTheInside,

Thank you for your letter. I had to ask for help from my great-granddaughter, because I wasn’t quite sure what an OTP is. She helped me out on this one. (Just a shout out to her.)

For those of you who don’t know, OTP stands for One True Pairing. An OTP is your most favorite relationship, often fictional, excluding your own.

After a long conversation with my great-granddaughter, we came up with a few solutions.

1.) DO NOT watch the clips from the show over and over again. You will eventually get bored of these scenes, have them memorized word for word, and rush through your homework so you can watch it.

2.) BE CAREFUL with fan fiction. Authors often alter the personalities of the characters to supply information, humor, or drama the stories need. Or if you look up one relationship, they could actually write about just one person from your OTP with another person – you wouldn’t want that!

3.) TRY to let go. Read books, watch different shows, stop watching the show; do anything to try and forget about the characters.

Good luck, and I hope they get back together! 🙂

They probably won’t.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. For everyone: in the comments, tell me your favorite fictional OTP – include names, ship name, and where they’re from. I’ll post them on the blog!

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