Breaking News… PARCC sucks

Your teachers, parents, siblings, and state make you feel like PARCC is the biggest, baddest test ever. Period… But is it really that bad? It may suck all the ducks, take up a lot of time, and screws up your whole schedule, but is it really that hard? No, it’s not that hard. Sure, it makes you think a litte bit more than MCAS made you think, but is that really terrible? You stressed out for nothing. You actually had something besides pop tarts for breakfast for nothing. You went to bed early and actually brushed your teeth the next morning so you could use your three remaining brain cells… for nothing. PARCC messes up your schedule, makes you spend the day with the same annoying people for six and a half straight hours just so you can answer six questions. Not even very challenging questions. JUST QUESTIONS!  Man, I don’t like PARCC. Not even challenging questions, what the heck? It doesn’t make any sense. PARCC is supposed to be more challenging  than MCAS, and I had only 7 questions yesterday, 10 questions today, and 6 questions tomorrow. Good luck testing, you lovely little angels.

~~Cassandra Grace


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