“Dear Aunt Edith,

I’m Anna. And I’m Madeline. In July, I’m going to move to California. I’m super nervous about moving so far away. Madeline is my best friend and I’m afraid I’ll never see her again and NOOOO I HAVE TO WAAAAAAH!!!!!! Yeah, and she’s my bestest friend…. Well… My only friend. SHE CAN’T LEAVE WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!




Moving can be tough. Although I’ve never moved before myself, there are plenty of other people who have. Adjusting to a new school, new house, new people, and even a new time zone will be stressful for a while. Set up a time to Skype Madeline… Maybe… Once a week? Call her if you need someone to talk to. It may be hard being “bestest friends” still, but don’t forget each other.

Friends moving away can also be tough. Call up on Anna once in a while to see how she’s doing. Maybe you can convince your parents to let you visit at some point. Find some new people to hang out with. Join a club or try out a sport. Just try to get out there and…. I hate to say it… Move on.

Good luck!!!

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. At least you won’t have to go to the beach in snow pants.


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