Troubles With Homework

“aunt edith I can’t do my homework. how do I focus? What is concentration? how do you dO thIs”


Dear Anonymous,

Homework is like a force that slowly sucks the life and happiness out of you, locking you inside of a dark, dark chamber… full of algebra.

As you progress in middle school, your homework load will increase and get harder. Sometimes you can lose your focus and get extremely stressed.


For example, when you have finished your Social Studies homework, have a snack, or do a QUICK activity before you begin your math. Sometimes you just need to walk around a bit so you can regain your focus.


Try not to do your homework in front of the TV, while texting a friend, or listening to this thing called “youtube” videos (whatever those are). Your homework will get done faster and you’l be more focused.

I hope you are able to complete your homework more efficiently, now.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. HAHA I have don’t have to do homework!

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