This Just In, PARCC Still Sucks

Guess what fellas and lady-fellas…. PARCC still sucks. Math was just gross. Let me break it down for you, math  PARCC was just disgusting. I mean it was way harder than English PARCC, which wasn’t  a really huge surprise since  english comes more naturally to me, but it was just brutal. Think about it, 14 questions during a timed period and if you fail you are deemed not good enough for college. Half of those questions were without a calculator, and the other half was barely english. LIFE, I swear. Math PARCC stills screws up your day, especially if you’re crossed teamed, and have teachers from both of the teams in your grade.

To be fair to PARCC, it did make me internally scream, crap! unlike the E.L.A. one.  I mean, why does one test reflect badly one you for forever basically. MCAS, if you fail that in 10th grade, you keep taking it  until you pass it. What if you’re actually a very intelligent person, just bad at taking tests? Thats why standardized tests, especially PARCC suck. Everything you ever learned, ever discovered, ever did comes down to one thing: a stupid test. Why does that even work?

You woke up on time for the PARCC days, had a semi-decent breakfast, and went to bed early, just so you could fail an online math test, and ace a stupid computerized english thing. *Dies slowly on the inside.* I don’t understand public school systems. And that’s what it comes down to: Not understanding things.

Have fun getting your great little PARCC scores back next year, my lovely littles angles.

~~Cassandra Grace

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