Polite Bank Robber?

On May 4th, an alleged Virginia bank robber admits to taking stacks of cash from a teller and posting a video of it on the internet but he insists that it wasn’t robbery because he asked nicely.  

Hear that you guys? It’s not robbery if you ask nicely.  Well, I’m going home because there isn’t anymore post because it wasn’t robbery.  

Just kidding.

I wouldn’t leave you guys like that.

Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca, age 23, says that the note he handed the teller upon entering the bank said,” I need 150,000 bands right NOW!!! please. :)”  He claims that it isn’t robbery because he said please and even put a smiley face at the end.

He put a smiley face? Oh that’s fine then.  It’s okay as long as he put that smiley face.  

Alfonseca also claims to be a rapper and says that if it was actually robbery he wouldn’t have videotaped it and posted it on Instagram just so that he could end up in jail.

Because posting proof of your crime on the internet won’t land you in jail.

You learn something new everyday. 

He was arrested 20 minutes later with a gym bag full of money.

—Meghan Brady, May 14, 2015


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