I Have A Dilemma

“Dear Aunt Edith,

Best Friend A likes Best Friend B. Best friend B has a boyfriend (Boyfriend A). I WANT TO TELL THE WORLD BUT I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Dear Dilemma Diva,

It can be very hard to keep a secret. You want to be able to talk about it to people other than the subject of the secret.

Whatever you do, do not tell someone the secret without asking Best Friend A. DO NOT TELL OR DROP HINTS TO BEST FRIEND B ABOUT IT! Best Friend A will never forgive you, and it could sever relationships between you and Friend A (definitely), Friend A and Friend B (more tan likely), and maybe even you an Friend B, depending on the situation.

Write it in a diary, talk to your cousins that live out of town, or try to forget about it. This is not something you should talk about with your friends at school, Best Friends A or B, Boyfriend A, or even your parents – they might know  that person and things could go wrong….

Good luck to you, and to Best Friend A.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. Nice code names, though.

1 Comment

  1. Dear Aunt Edith,
    I have been soooo bored lately because I feel like all my friends have plans with their families or other friends and I don’t. I don’t really have many hobbies except for reading comic books and fanfiction. HELP ME. P.S. you have led a very interesting life.


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