I Know What You Did Last Summer: Screaming in the Dark

Spoiler Warning)

The seventh grade recently finished the novel, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and let me just tell you that it was spectacular.  You really get involved with the characters and care about what happens to them.

Well, for me, some of the characters.

If you read one of my recent posts, “Barry Cox: Making the 70’s Look Bad” You will know that I’m not particularly fond of some characters.  Nevertheless, it was a great book.

In the book, four teens, Barry Cox, Helen Rivers, Julie James, and Ray Bronson were all at a cookout in the mountains.  All four of them were under the influence and decided to drive home.  Barry, the oldest of the group, was driving Ray’s car.  Ray had won, “The coin toss for the backseat” which meant that he and Julie got to go in the back of the car and make out while Helen and Barry sat in the front seat.  Barry always drove too fast.

Barry was driving fast, as always, down the narrow ribbon of a road.  David Gregg, a ten year old boy that was headed home from his friends house appeared in the headlights.

Then under the car.

Then behind the car.

Barry never stopped the car.  David Gregg was left alone in the dark to scream for help, only to have no one to hear him.

That’s what happened last summer.

As I finished the novel, I noticed something.

All four of the teens experienced the same thing that David Gregg did.

Screaming in the dark with no one to hear them.

Barry experienced this first when he was shot on the athletic field.  Fireworks illuminated the sky and filled the air with booms and bangs.

That’s why no one heard that one extra bang.  They also didn’t hear Barry’s scared and pained screams echo in the night air.

Helen was next.  She was being attacked and locked herself in the bathroom.  As we all know, Helen isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.  She thought of the brilliant (yet somewhat obvious) idea of breaking the window.  Helen fell through the warm night air and screamed but no one heard her.

Julie also experienced this.  Her date showed up to pick her up.  Julie didn’t feel like going out so she kindly told him that she would rather stay in that night.  He was oddly persistent and demanding that she get in his car.  Julie could tell something was wrong and wanted to get in the house as soon as possible.  Julie’s date wrestled her to the ground and began to strangle her.  Julie couldn’t scream because of the hands around her neck and Julie was left in the dark with no one to help her.

Ray’s case is a little different.  He was never physically attacked by the stalker.  But, Barry was in the hospital, Helen was unconscious, Julie was being strangled.  That leaves Ray.

Ray was alone.

In the dark.


But no one could hear him.

—Meghan Brady, May 27, 2015


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