Seventh Grade Mock Trial

The seventh grade is doing a mock trial on the book, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” by Lois Duncan.

A mock trial is a trial that is fake and doesn’t mean anything, but replicates the ways and functions of a real courtroom.

The mock trial will decide whether or not the four teens, Julie James, Helen Rivers, Ray Bronson, and Barry Cox will be convicted of murder along with various other charges.

Just like in a real courtroom, there will be a prosecution team and a defense team, along with a judge and jury.  The teachers will be assigning roles based on the effort put into the assignment.

The defense team will be trying to make the teens seem more innocent while the prosecution team will try to make the teens seem as guilty as possible.

The roles of Barry, Helen, Ray, and Julie will need to be filled along with the roles of secondary characters like Barry’s parents, Mrs. James, Elsa Rivers and others.

The students need to think of questions that will make the teens seem more innocent or more guilty based on their roles.  You need to be clear on who the question is for and who is asking it. An example being, the prosecution team asking Barry is he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol the night of the accident.

NO YES OR NO QUESTIONS.  The questions must contain the conjunction “because” and be clear and have an answer that contributes to the trial.

This assignment will be a good experience and teach the students more about the book and the court room.

Try your best on this assignment.

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