All Summer in a Day

In 8th grade english we read a short story called “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury. It was published in 1954, around the time that space travel was gaining a lot of attention. The story takes place on the planet Venus where it has been raining for seven years.  The story revolves around a group of nine year old children.  None of the students remember what the sun looks like because the sun had last showed its face when the children were less than four.

But Margot remembers. She’s the one student who remembers.

That makes her different.

Margot is not like the other children because she was not born on Venus like them.  Margot was born in Ohio, back on earth.  She had seen the sun many times before she moved to Venus when she was five. She tried to tell the other kids what it was like. She told them it was like “a penny” or “like a fire in a stove”.

The called her a liar.

The students hated Margot.

Then, the scientists made a prediction.

For one hour, the sun would come out.

The children were excited and waited in their classroom.  The teacher was no where to be seen.  They took advantage of this to be cruel to Margot.  They did something awful.

They locked her in the closet.

They left her there. When the teacher came back and didn’t notice Margot’s absence, she took the children outside.  The sun had come out and was shining it’s brilliant rays down to the children where they laughed and they played and they soaked up the sunshine.

Then it began to rain again.

They realized that Margot was still in the closet. Some of the children looked around guiltily.

Then they let Margot out of the closet.

That’s where the story ends. We never find out what she does once she’s out. Does she scream? Does she cry? Does she beat them up? Does she move back to earth? Does she kill them? *Dramatic Music*

We will never know.

But here is my guess: Margot would hate the other kids.  She would hate them with a burning passion stronger than the heat of the sun they stole from her.  I think Margot would want to go back to Earth so that she could get away from the children. She wouldn’t have to wait seven more years like the other children.  Margot and the children watch the same sunset, just like Ponyboy Curtis and Cherry Valance in the Outsiders, a book the 8th graders will read this year.  They’ll watch the same sunset but they wont have the power to take it from her. In class, we talked about how the human race was so advanced in this story that they could leave Earth, go to another planet, and live there.

Despite how advanced they were, how smart they were, the children brought the worst of them along to Venus. They used their worst on Margot without a second thought.

This was a very well written story and I did enjoy it.  I rate it 4 stars because the ending was slightly disappointing since we never found out what happened to Margot.

—Meghan Brady, September 17, 2015

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