Fangirl by: Rainbow Rowell

Sup fellas and lady fellas. Guess who’s back! That’s right, after a long summer of doing absolutely nothing but reading, Cassandra Grace and everyone else is back!

Okay, over summer one of the many books I’ve read was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Which is obviously about an epic fangirl (like me) and her struggles going through college and the sudden return of her long lost mother. Cather and her identical twin sister, Wren, are going to the same college. For the first time in Cather’s (Cath) life, she and Wren aren’t roommates and don’t have the same group of friends.  In fact, she and Wren are barely speaking to each other. Throughout everything going horribly wrong with Cath’s life, which is everything from boy trouble to family issues, her favorite books keep her sane. Simon and Baz are Cath’s favorite fictional characters. She knows everything about them and they know everything about her. While everything in her personal life is spiraling out of control, her fans still count on her to write their favorite Simon x Baz slash fanfiction. How can Cath keep up her grades, take care of her dad, make up with her sister, sort out her boy issues, and finish her fanfiction before the last Simon Snow novel comes out?

Fangirl was an amazing book full of everything actually fangirls struggle with. Anxiety, being socially akward, and liking books more than the real world. An absolute must read for everyone. Such a great book.

~~Cassandra Grace

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