Out of My Mind

Melody. What does Melody remind you of?

Melody is a character in the book called Out of My Mind. She is just a simple kid, but just was born disabled. She can’t speak, walk, or do anything by herself. She needs help with everything that she does. Don’t think she is not smart. Melody is not smart, but she’s really smart.

This book is about a girl that suffers from complications to make new friends and find her space to fit in between other kids. She has a word board to communicate attached to her wheelchair. Later on she gets an electronic to communicate. She takes special classes with the other kids that are like her.

Amazing! Melody gets into the international geography bee. How does she do it? Well, the answer is a friend. Melody has a friend. Her friend encourages her and supports her. She competes with the whole class. Then, the top people from the class go into internationals.

I would rate this book a ten out of ten. If you want to read this book be prepared to be really sad.


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