PARCC or MCAS that is the question. Like banned books, the PARCC test has tons of controversy surrounding it. Unlike banned books, PARCC testing might actually be too much for students to handle. Did I just imply that kids can handle reading banned books? Yes. Did I also just imply that kids might not be ready to take the PARCC test made for their grade level? Again yes. So here it is fellas and lady fellas, controversy surrounding PARCC testing.

While college professors think that PARCC prepares students for college level courses, teachers, students, and parents think that PARCC tests students on work that is above their grade level and knowledge.

He said he felt stupid and I said why did you feel stupid?  And he said there was a lot of things that he wasn’t taught and he didn’t understand and so as a parent I don’t understand why we’re setting out kids up for failure

Kim Comatas, a mother of a 7th grader said that when questioned about why she didn’t let her kid take the PARCC test. Over 150 families didn’t allow their children to take the test and John Oliver absolutely smashed Pearson (the company that makes these tests) on his once a week show, Last Week Tonight.

MCAS doesn’t prepare students enough for college and PARCC prepares students too well. Which do you choose? PARCC or MCAS.

~~Cassandra Grace

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