22 Shipwrecks Found in Greece

Can you believe it? Underwater Archeaologists have found twenty – two shipwrecks  in Greece in one single location.

They were found near a small Greek archipelago. This discovery was by a Greek – American archeological expedition. It was near the small Forni archipelago. The archipelago is seventeen miles in area. Seventeen miles is the same as thirteen islands and islets located between the eastern Aegean islands of Samos and Icaria.

The various items found have a dating period ranging from seven hundred to four hundred – eighty B.C.E. Half of the items have a period which lasts from three hundred to six hundred A.D.

George Koutsouflakis, the Greek director, made this brilliant discovery. The cargoes from the shipwreck helped tell the scientists the condition of the trade in that area throughout these time periods. The scientists have indicated that the trade was going on in the areas of the Aegean Sea Cyprus and the Black Sea.


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