English and It’s Words

The English language can be hard sometimes… This post will help you find the word you are looking for–and maybe these will surprise you!


  • There, their, they’re

Over THERE, Over THEIR house (Shows ownership), THEY’RE over here (They are)

  • Road, rode

ROAD is what you drive on, RODE is past-tense ride

  • Its, it’s

ITS is possessive (The house has its flaws), IT’S is  contraption of it is or it has

  • I could care less

You still care, even a little bit. The right sentence is I COULDN”T CARE LESS

  • Scratch, itch

You SCRATCH an ITCH, you can’t itch a scratch


I hope this helped you, because English grammar is very confusing at times. If you have any other words that you are confused with, comment them below! And, you can watch this video to learn some more English language rules

Have a grammar-rific day!


~Miranda C


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