Chains is a great novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Chains is set during the Revolutionary War time period. This involves Patriots, Loyalists, and Neutralists. This also involves the defeats between the British side which wants the colonies to not declare independence and the other side would be the American side which wants to declare independence and be free from the rule of Britain and it’s king, King George III.

Chains is about two young slaves. The two young slaves are Isabel and Ruth. They are both sisters. Ruth needs a little help taking care of herself. Their first owners have died. These two girls were legally supposed to be free after their owner died, but Mr. Robert takes her knowing this. Mr. Robert decides to sell them both. Luckily they both stay together. The Locktons had bought them. After they all go to the Lockton’s home in New York, some dramatic things started to happen.

What dramatic things happened though?

Well you’ll have to read the book to find out!!!



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