The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Through an odd turn of events and an act of surprising violence, Patroclus, the awkward son of  King Menoetius is exiled to Phthia and meets Achilles, the son of King Peleus and the often cruel sea goddess, Thetis. The half-god Achilles, the best of all Greeks, becomes fast friends with the mortal Patroclus. Thetis despises their relationship, claiming that no regular mortal will ever be good enough for her son. When the time comes, Thetis decides that Achilles needs to be trained by Chiron, the centaur who trains all Greek Heroes. She insists that Achilles needs to do this training alone. But Patroclus also needs to be with his best and only friend at all times, and obviously finds Achilles against Thetis’ wishes. Soon after they start their training with Chiron, they become a lot more than just friends. When news breaks out that the beautiful queen of Sparta, Helen, is kidnapped by Paris from Troy, Achilles faces a tough decision. War against Troy is going to break out soon. You can’t just kidnap the king of Sparta’s wife and not expect a fight. Achilles, the best warrior of all of Greece must decide between fame and glory or happy days of bliss with his  lover, Patroclus. Convinced that he’ll be the first hero to be famous and happy, Achilles decides to go to war. Out of love and a great deal of fear, Patroclus decides to go to war with Achilles even though he can’t fight. In another weird turn of events, Achilles’ honor gets wounded and the best warrior known to man refuses to fight any longer. Can Greece when the war without him? What will it take for Achilles to start fighting again? And can a hero be both famous and happy?

~~Cassandra Lily Grace

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