I’m Failing All My Classes

“Dear Aunt, Edith

i hav horible news. i amm deat. well not literaly i gues. any way i amm failinig my clasesss. it is almast pregross ropert time to. what do i do. i am failinig matetmaticics, ela, sceicne, sicoal studeis and every one of my rest of the clasesss to. do u hav ani advice for me! can u holp me!

-almost deat

Sometimes, the stress of middle school can de difficult to manage. Especially if you have other problems at home on top of that. But that really is no reason to be failing every class. Here a few tips to bring your grades up:

Do Homework and Pass it in on Time

Homework can be boring – everyone in the world knows that. But one thing that could be lowering your grade is not turning in your homework every day. A late homework assignment once in a long time will not bring your grade from an A to an F, but if you’re consistently passing in homework late or not passing it in at all, your grade will plummet. Try to get your homework done as soon as possible after school, and put it back into your bag as soon as you’re finished. It’s a very simple task.

Study for Your Test and Quizzes

Studying can also be boring too, but in order to pass your test and quizzes you need to study hard. When studying try to study in a quiet area where nothing or nobody can disturb you. Try to study at least starting from five to three days before the test. Study the way that helps you the most, perhaps using index cards for vocabulary or notes for other things. When studying try not to get distracted. Try to study at least three times before the test or quiz. Study the hardest as you can and you are sure to pass your test or quiz.

Put in Your Best Effort and Ask Questions When Needed

In everything you do always try your best. Trying your best always helps. When needed always ask questions. If you are confused on something always remember to ask. Asking questions will always make things more clear for you. Even if you think you are wrong, always offer your answer to teachers, because being wrong always teaches you something.

With Love,

Aunt Edith


Also Aunt Adeline





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