Debate Club!!!

HEY YOU! Want to express your own opinions without people getting angry at you?? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Want to argue? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Want to compete with other schools using arguments? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Want to research a side of an argument? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Come to debate club if you want to do even one of these things! It’s on Thursdays until 3:00 pm! Be there next meeting!!

~ Miranda C

Should Students Be Allowed to Use Their Cellphones in Class?

The topic this week in debate is whether or not students should be able to use cellphones (or any mobile devices) in the school environment.  We do not yet know what side of the debate we will be on so we have to do research for both sides of the argument.  Personally, I don’t think students should be able to use their cellphones in class because it distracts from the learning environment.  Yes, cellphones could be used as valuable learning tools in the classroom but not all students would use them responsibly.

You can decide for yourself! Comment what you think and why!

Also, you should join debate! It’s a great club and not only can you state your opinion freely, you can hear others as well.  You can learn about great topics as well!

—Meghan Brady, October 15, 2015

Step Up Day is Coming Soon

‘Sup fellas and lady fellas you are about to be in for a once in a lifetime experience. HAHA, just kidding. It’s only Step Up Day. It’s only the first time you meet your near future teachers that will decide your whole entire schooling career next year. So don’t screw up or next year will be a long one. But there’s no need to stress about new teachers, they’ll probably forget about you by the end of summer vacation. Have fun meeting your future teachers.

Don’t mess up my lovely little angels.

~~Cassandra Grace

The Dance

Just how do you ask your companion to the dance? Or even to dance with you? Here is advice from two seventh grade girls.

If your partner likes to read:

– I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you’re still charming.

– Did you survive the Avada Kadavra curse? ‘Cause you’re drop dead gorgeous.

– Your eyes are like the labyrinth, I keep getting lost in them.

-You complete me like horcruxes complete Voldemort.

Simple and Sweet

– You gotta date for the dance? [Pull out the fruit date]

– Wanna go to the semi-formal? ‘Cause I’m only semi-complete without you.

– Can I see your shirt tag? Um… ‘Cause I wanna see if it was made in heaven.


– Let’s go to the dance – together!

– There is no way this won’t be awkward, so I’ll just lay it straight – wanna go out with me?

Good Luck!


YOU SUCK!!!! You totally stole my bae right from under my nose.  Tyngsborough Middle School was mine once. I was the one who crushed the life and soul out of the students’ dreams. I was the one who got to see if the kids were smart enough. Sure I had a thing going with the Tyngsborough High School, and it was only a matter of time before my Middle School found out, but I wanted to be the one who broke up with her. I was the player, not you!!! PARCC, you ruined by life and all of the students’ lives too. Geez PARCC, you didn’t even think about the children. The poor, poor children. Now that my Middle School and I are severed and all of our bridges are burned, the children have to suffer even more than I made them. Sure, watching them trudge through my tests was hilarious and horrible at the same time, but you PARCC, my dear friend, take that to a different level. You not only ruined my life, you ruined the children’s’ lives too. I hope you’re happy with yourself. I really hope you’re happy with yourself. I really do. I  give you lots and lots of hate and I hope that lots of children fail you, too.

No love or special regards,


This Just In, PARCC Still Sucks

Guess what fellas and lady-fellas…. PARCC still sucks. Math was just gross. Let me break it down for you, math  PARCC was just disgusting. I mean it was way harder than English PARCC, which wasn’t  a really huge surprise since  english comes more naturally to me, but it was just brutal. Think about it, 14 questions during a timed period and if you fail you are deemed not good enough for college. Half of those questions were without a calculator, and the other half was barely english. LIFE, I swear. Math PARCC stills screws up your day, especially if you’re crossed teamed, and have teachers from both of the teams in your grade.

To be fair to PARCC, it did make me internally scream, crap! unlike the E.L.A. one.  I mean, why does one test reflect badly one you for forever basically. MCAS, if you fail that in 10th grade, you keep taking it  until you pass it. What if you’re actually a very intelligent person, just bad at taking tests? Thats why standardized tests, especially PARCC suck. Everything you ever learned, ever discovered, ever did comes down to one thing: a stupid test. Why does that even work?

You woke up on time for the PARCC days, had a semi-decent breakfast, and went to bed early, just so you could fail an online math test, and ace a stupid computerized english thing. *Dies slowly on the inside.* I don’t understand public school systems. And that’s what it comes down to: Not understanding things.

Have fun getting your great little PARCC scores back next year, my lovely littles angles.

~~Cassandra Grace

Breaking News… PARCC sucks

Your teachers, parents, siblings, and state make you feel like PARCC is the biggest, baddest test ever. Period… But is it really that bad? It may suck all the ducks, take up a lot of time, and screws up your whole schedule, but is it really that hard? No, it’s not that hard. Sure, it makes you think a litte bit more than MCAS made you think, but is that really terrible? You stressed out for nothing. You actually had something besides pop tarts for breakfast for nothing. You went to bed early and actually brushed your teeth the next morning so you could use your three remaining brain cells… for nothing. PARCC messes up your schedule, makes you spend the day with the same annoying people for six and a half straight hours just so you can answer six questions. Not even very challenging questions. JUST QUESTIONS!  Man, I don’t like PARCC. Not even challenging questions, what the heck? It doesn’t make any sense. PARCC is supposed to be more challenging  than MCAS, and I had only 7 questions yesterday, 10 questions today, and 6 questions tomorrow. Good luck testing, you lovely little angels.

~~Cassandra Grace

PARCC Update

PARCC, the standardized test on the computer we have all come to know and love, is currently scheduled for March 25th, 26th, and 27th. Yay! Not. But there’s nothing we can do about it anymore, PARCC is in, and the hopes of  MCAS making a comeback is very, very slim.

Have fun testing, kids, apparently this will help with our college careers, good luck.

—Cassandra Grace

PARCC-Part 2

Oh my lord! PARCC is the mother of freaking evil. If you didn’t like taking MCAS, good luck. PARCC is an all computerized test to see how smart you are.  NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! PARCC is definitely more advanced than the MCAS testing. Although, MCAS is easier than PARCC, it doesn’t prepare you enough for college. Then again, how can a test prepare you for college? Yeah, I’m not really buying it. MCAS, although teachers may not want you, students will cry for your love. Please, come back. We need you. More importantly, we want you. The tests are better on freaking paper, and MCAS is on paper, so I vote MCAS. PARCC “prepares you for college,” and is also known as the worst online testing system ever. YAY! Not. Mark your calendars boys and girls, today is the day that public school systems died in The United of America.  You should mourn. Your school just died; you’re suffering from a great loss. The People Are already Ruining my College and Careers.(Look at the capital letters. I did something funny.) So the real question here is how does a standerized test prepare you for college and your future? I personally don’t think it does, like I already stated. Anyway, PARCC is harder than MCAS by a long shot, so good luck, and test well. ~~Cassandra Grace


State education officials will decide next fall if they will continue using the MCAS, or switch to the new standardized tests,  PARCC, which is an online testing system.

This spring,  more than half of the state’s school districts will be administrating the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), while the other half will still be administrating the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS).

This upcoming fall, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will decide if they want to ditch MCAS for PARCC or not. Sorry, children, they way it’s looking now, MCAS is being “dumped” by Massachusetts for a newer and better testing system. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner, Mitchell Chester and Richard Freeland, claim that MCAS is leaving public school system graduates “unprepared for college.” Sorry, MCAS, teachers are totally #donewithyou4ever, and are getting a new bae, called PARCC, which makes students think more critically.

Good luck testing!

—Cassandra Grace

Seven Serves Update: Coat Drive

Seven Serves is collecting coats for a good cause this winter.  Every year, there are kids without coats.  Think about how cold it is in the winter, now imagine not having a coat to keep out the frigid cold.  There are kids all over the place who face this challenge everyday, so Seven Serves is collecting coats to give to children in need.  The drive ends on December 19, so there is still time to donate.  They hope to collect  50 more coats to reach their goal of 150.  There will be less kids cold this year, so donate soon!

—Meghan Brady, December 11, 2014

Candy Grams!

You can send a candy gram to your friends this holiday season! This will surely put a smile on their face and brighten up their day.  Each candy gram costs $1.  All the proceeds benefit the student council so that they can further make great changes! Send some candy grams to your friends this year.

Happy holidays,

—Meghan Brady, December 11, 2014

Flash Flood Warning

A flash flood watch was issued this afternoon at 2:00PM. The National Weather Service warned that with conditions of 1-4 inch rainfall, flash floods are possible. NWFO reported a 50% chance of flash floods within the next 7 hours.

A flash flood is a rapid flooding of a low-lying area due to sudden, heavy rainfall. Flash floods are very dangerous situations and could escalate if people are not prepared.

During a flash flood, DO NOT:
~Touch electrical appliances if you are wet or standing in water.
~Walk through moving water. Even 6 inches of moving water can make you fall.
~Drive into flooded areas.

Armed Robbery at the Hole in 100 Diner

At 7:05AM yesterday Tyngsborough Police responded to a call from the Hole in 100 Diner reporting an armed robbery. Witnesses told police that the man pointed a handgun at an employee and forced them to hand over money.

Quote from the Tyngsborough Police

“The suspect left with an undisclosed amount of cash and lottery tickets. A search was conducted by the Tyngsborough Police, with assistance of Hudson Police, State Police K-9s, and the State Police Air Wing, but the suspect could not be found. Tyngsborough High School and Middle School were placed in lock down mode, as a precaution, during the search.”

If you have any information about the robbery, please call
or the anonymous tip line,

Written by George Powell