School Dance Tomorrow

On Tomorrow, March 11, 2016,there will be a school dance in the Middle School cafeteria. The last chance to buy tickets will be tomorrow at lunch. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Everyone in grades 6-8 is invited!


Debate Club!!!

HEY YOU! Want to express your own opinions without people getting angry at you?? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Want to argue? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Want to compete with other schools using arguments? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Want to research a side of an argument? DEBATE CLUB IS FOR YOU! Come to debate club if you want to do even one of these things! It’s on Thursdays until 3:00 pm! Be there next meeting!!

~ Miranda C

Should Students Be Allowed to Use Their Cellphones in Class?

The topic this week in debate is whether or not students should be able to use cellphones (or any mobile devices) in the school environment.  We do not yet know what side of the debate we will be on so we have to do research for both sides of the argument.  Personally, I don’t think students should be able to use their cellphones in class because it distracts from the learning environment.  Yes, cellphones could be used as valuable learning tools in the classroom but not all students would use them responsibly.

You can decide for yourself! Comment what you think and why!

Also, you should join debate! It’s a great club and not only can you state your opinion freely, you can hear others as well.  You can learn about great topics as well!

—Meghan Brady, October 15, 2015

Step Up Day is Coming Soon

‘Sup fellas and lady fellas you are about to be in for a once in a lifetime experience. HAHA, just kidding. It’s only Step Up Day. It’s only the first time you meet your near future teachers that will decide your whole entire schooling career next year. So don’t screw up or next year will be a long one. But there’s no need to stress about new teachers, they’ll probably forget about you by the end of summer vacation. Have fun meeting your future teachers.

Don’t mess up my lovely little angels.

~~Cassandra Grace