The Difference Between a Thesis in an Open Response and an Essay

Dear Aunt Adeline,

What is the difference between the thesis in an open response and an essay? Can you please help me out?


Dear Pleasehelpme,

Sure I can help you. The difference is in an open response the thesis is the first sentence of the first paragraph. In an essay the thesis is the last sentence in the first sentence. Just remember though, if the topic is about a book always remember to state the title and the author.

-Aunt Adeline

-Shikha Patel


How to Not Forget Which Homework You Have

Dear Aunt Adeline,

I am starting to sometimes forget things that I have for homework. What should I do? I really need something to help me remember. Do you have any advice from me?

From                                                                                                                                                                        I need help remembering

Dear I need help remembering,

I know you can sometimes forget what you have for homework, but it is not a good thing. Below are two suggestions that I have for you:

Write Down Everything

One advice that I have for you is to write down all your homework. Now, the question is where should you write the homework down? Well, you should go buy a agenda book. Every time you go to your classes, write down the homework you have. Never leave your classes without writing down your homework.

Check the Blogs

Check if your teachers have blogs that they post homework and everything you need to know. If you forget to write down any of your homework or you just want to double check your homework, just go onto the teacher’s blog.

I hope this helps you!!!

From,                                                                                                                                                                      Aunt Adeline


Ways to Study for Vocabulary

Dear Aunt Adeline,

I just had a vocab quiz and I totally failed it. I figured out I have been failing my vocabulary quizzes. I really need to change the way that I study? I really need help! Do you have any advice?

– please

Dear please,

There are many different ways to study. Here is one way to study for vocabulary.

Create Flashcards

Everytime you get vocabulary to study, you can make flashcards. You should write the word on one side and the definition on the other side. When you go to study the flashcards you can look at the definition and try to remember the word the definition explains or defines. Make a pile for the ones you got correct and ones that you get wrong. Keep on practicing every day. Make sure you put in your best effort though.

Remember this is only one way you can study vocabulary. Like I said before, there are many other ways to study for vocabulary.

-Aunt Adeline


I Lost My iPhone – What Do I Do?

“Dear Aunt Edith,

I lost my iPhone! Help!”


Dear iMissMyiPhone,

Check every room of every house. Look under couch cushions, in drawers, under beds, in cars – EVERYWHERE. Ask your friends if you left it at their house. Check the lost and found at school. Wherever it is, its bound to turn up at some point. If worst comes to worst, you’ll probably end up having to buy a new one.

Make sure to look around and ask around!

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. We’ve all been there at some point..

Should I Be So Afraid?

“Dear Aunt Edith,

I’m becoming really worried. There have been a lot of ISIL attacks worldwide lately, including the U.S. Also, schools all around my own have recently been threatened with bombs. I’m scared that my family or I will be injured or even killed in an attack. Is this reasonable or should I calm down?”


Dear ScaredForMyLife,

There have been many tragedies in recent events. Attacks led by ISIL and bomb threats issued to local schools are things people should find at least mildly alarming. But if this fear is all you can think about, if it’s haunting you day in and day out, if its taunting you in your dreams, maybe your fear has gone a little too far.

Too Far

If you think your fear has gone too far, talk to a parent, friend, or guidance councilor about it. People all around you are here for you to talk to and here to listen to you when you need help. Don’t be embarrassed, this is a very logical thing to be afraid of.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. This fear is extremely rational compared to other ones out there…


I’m Failing All My Classes

“Dear Aunt, Edith

i hav horible news. i amm deat. well not literaly i gues. any way i amm failinig my clasesss. it is almast pregross ropert time to. what do i do. i am failinig matetmaticics, ela, sceicne, sicoal studeis and every one of my rest of the clasesss to. do u hav ani advice for me! can u holp me!

-almost deat

Sometimes, the stress of middle school can de difficult to manage. Especially if you have other problems at home on top of that. But that really is no reason to be failing every class. Here a few tips to bring your grades up:

Do Homework and Pass it in on Time

Homework can be boring – everyone in the world knows that. But one thing that could be lowering your grade is not turning in your homework every day. A late homework assignment once in a long time will not bring your grade from an A to an F, but if you’re consistently passing in homework late or not passing it in at all, your grade will plummet. Try to get your homework done as soon as possible after school, and put it back into your bag as soon as you’re finished. It’s a very simple task.

Study for Your Test and Quizzes

Studying can also be boring too, but in order to pass your test and quizzes you need to study hard. When studying try to study in a quiet area where nothing or nobody can disturb you. Try to study at least starting from five to three days before the test. Study the way that helps you the most, perhaps using index cards for vocabulary or notes for other things. When studying try not to get distracted. Try to study at least three times before the test or quiz. Study the hardest as you can and you are sure to pass your test or quiz.

Put in Your Best Effort and Ask Questions When Needed

In everything you do always try your best. Trying your best always helps. When needed always ask questions. If you are confused on something always remember to ask. Asking questions will always make things more clear for you. Even if you think you are wrong, always offer your answer to teachers, because being wrong always teaches you something.

With Love,

Aunt Edith


Also Aunt Adeline