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You were probably sitting in a classroom or at your house when you thought today is a slow day. Well, you had no idea that a person in Florida has been committing a crime.

A man in Florida was caught trying to steal a snake by hiding it in his pants. This happened in St. Petersburg in Florida.

The owner of the store was Steve Silk. He told that WFLA that the criminal (Treder) had stolen other animals before on other moments. The store owner had not noticed until now.

They caught Travis Treder by checking the surveillance cameras.

They also say that he had stolen things worth of thousands of dollars and the baby python would have cost $150.

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World War II Veteran to Reunite With Girlfriend After 70 Years

Norwood Thomas, 93, and Joyce Morris, 88, were dating during World War II but haven’t spoken since. They met each other on Skype in November and plan to spend Valentine’s Day together. Many donations have been made to help rekindle their romance.


Wonder Woman First Look and Suicide Squad Trailer!!

As you may already know, Wonder Woman the movie is coming out in 2017. She is personally my all time favorite superhero because she is a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man…
Anyway, there was a first look on the CW (which you can find here) on Wednesday, January 21, 2016. The ten second parts of the movie look pretty epic and exciting. Just on thing. It doesn’t show any easter eggs or anything like that. I don’t think. When First Looks air, they usually include small, .5 seconds of a detail that could change the whole plot than what the viewer thinks. In my opinion, it looks pretty awesome, but also holey. I understand that it’s only a first look and the makers of the movie don’t want to give away too much, but I mean, give us something more to figure out. We need more pieces of the puzzle to put it together!!


Also in the non existent Comic-Book-to-Movie News, the FIRST OFFICIAL SUICIDE SQUAD TRAILER CAME OUT (here). ‘But, Miranda, you seem more excited about this movie than your favorite superhero’s movie’ but this is coming out this year and there is an actual trailer for this movie. This is much more important.

I haven’t watched it yet because I have a life outside of lazing around on the internet, so I don’t really have anything to say about it.




~Miranda C.

Batman vs Superman

Hello, it’s me


So, Batman vs Superman is coming out March 25, 2016, and the fan base is pretty excited. We’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for close to three years, and the time is almost here. The first trailer came out April 17 of this year, and the second one came out just a day ago (December 2, 2015)! Batman vs Superman doesn’t only have Batman and Superman in it. The movie also includes Doomsday (according to the second trailer), Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman. The second trailers gives a lot more information about the movie than the first, but the first has small hints, too.


For those of you who still haven’t seen the trailer, click for the first trailer here and the second trailer here .

But be warned, the movie is PG-13 and the trailers probably are, too.

Have fun becoming obsessed!


~ Miranda C

Genetically Modified Foods

Have you been eating genetically modified foods (GMF)?

How do you know if you have been eating GMF? There is mostly no labels on the food!!!

Well, what even is genetically modified food?

Genetically modified foods don’t taste different. They are equivalent to current crops being grown. How does it work? Well, scientists take a organism and change it by adding DNA from another organism to it.

There is really no sure answer yet of whether it is safe or not!!!

Here are some websites that tell you more about GMFs:


Politics are Confusing

Incase you were/are confused about what’s going on inside the presidential run, here are some facts about each candidate!

1.) Hilary Clinton – 68 y/o

  • Democratic Party
  • Former Secretary of State
  • Worth 45 million dollars
  • Announced candidacy April 12, 2015

2.) Donald Trump – 69 y/o

  • Republican
  • Television personality, business author, and real estate developer (Trump Luxury Real Estate)
  • Worth four billion dollars
  • Announced candidacy June 16, 2015

3.) Ben Carson – 64 y/o

  • Republican
  • Retired neurosurgeon
  • Worth 10 million dollars
  • Announced candidacy May 4, 2015

4.) Jeb Bush – 62 y/o

  • Republican
  • Former governor of Florida
  • Worth 1.3 million dollars
  • Announced candidacy June 15, 2015

5.) Bernie Sanders – 74 y/o

  • Democrat
  • US Senator
  • Worth $700,000
  • Announced candidacy May 26, 2015

6.) Deez Nuts (Brady Olsen) – 15 y/o

  • Independent
  • Politician
  • Unknown net worth
  • Announced candidacy July 28, 2015

Don’t get your hopes up — Brady Olsen isn’t old enough to become president. He is 15 years old and made his candidacy a joke at first. You must be 35 years or older to become president of the United States of America. Have fun getting into a heated argument with your friends about who’s the best for president!!

~ Miranda C

22 Shipwrecks Found in Greece

Can you believe it? Underwater Archeaologists have found twenty – two shipwrecks  in Greece in one single location.

They were found near a small Greek archipelago. This discovery was by a Greek – American archeological expedition. It was near the small Forni archipelago. The archipelago is seventeen miles in area. Seventeen miles is the same as thirteen islands and islets located between the eastern Aegean islands of Samos and Icaria.

The various items found have a dating period ranging from seven hundred to four hundred – eighty B.C.E. Half of the items have a period which lasts from three hundred to six hundred A.D.

George Koutsouflakis, the Greek director, made this brilliant discovery. The cargoes from the shipwreck helped tell the scientists the condition of the trade in that area throughout these time periods. The scientists have indicated that the trade was going on in the areas of the Aegean Sea Cyprus and the Black Sea.