Hunger Games Mockingjay (part 1)

The new Hunger Games movie is good but there was not enough action. Having more plot rather than an actual Hunger Games.The action scenes are Katnis getting choked by Peeta. Katniss blowing up a plane. The scene when the capitol blows up a hospital killing everyone who is injured. It all starts with her hiding in District 13. They want her to be the Mockingjay but she wants them to save Peeta and the others. Finnick is ruined because he doesn’t have Annie. Peeta is getting mind controlled to say the Capitol is not wrong. Giving themes that war would be bad getting people killed. Versus the idea that there slaves and having the Capitol boss them around. Peeta saying the Capitol is good makes everyone angry, they agree and she gets the demands. Betrre makes weapons for Katniss and Gale giving him a crossbow and Katniss with special arrows like normal, fire, and explosive, now she is kind of like Green Arrow. They video tape her to make problems with the Capitol. She sings a song which is weird which makes the people blow up a dam that makes power. The song is about hanging out at a place where a person was hanged. So its like you want to hang out at a prison or a graveyard and a place where a serial killer used to live. Then Gale¬†does a mission to grab the tributes and get out. With Betres hacking skills Finnick tells how President Snow uses poison to kill people, but he turns on the power but he lets them in. This movie was more boring compared to the others I give it a 6 out of ten.

Big Hero Six

I just recently watched Big Hero Six Disneys new comic book movie based on Marvel comics. It also has a cameo of Stan Lee showing that the father of one of the characters is Stan Lee. In it you meet a character that does a game called bot fighting were he tricks a mobster thinking he has a weak. But then he uses his bot and destroys the oppent.The brother of the main character works at a college for nerds. Then he decides he wants to go to the college and meets the main characters. He decides at the presentation to use these magnets which are wanted by a rich man. But suddenly a fire happens and kills his brother and the principal of the college.¬† He then finds Baymax a healer robot. He then finds the villan who uses his magnets to fight. He then transforms Baymax into a fighting robot. But gets beat by the sure number of the magnets. Then the other characters become superhero’s. One having a little ball which explodes and sticks. One with a laser daggers on his arm. Another with a suit which gives him a flamethrower and supper hops. Last person with a razor rollerblades. When plotwist the villain is the principal who wants revenge from the rich guy who killed his daughter. HE USES a black hole but in there they save the daughter but baymax dies. But in his hand they find a chip with all his data. Last they rebuild him and there’s a happy ending. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

New Batman

I am scared what DC will do to the new batman. Luckily there are no bat nipples on this suit. Also Ben Afleck will be playing him. At least this movie can’t be worse than Batman and Robin. That movie had so many puns that I wanted to unsee that movie. Also the fact that Ben already was in a superhero movie which he ruined. That movie was called daredevil which makes him lose his credibility. The movie also will be a crossover with Batman Vs. Superman. Of course Batman will win all he needs to do is buy some kryptonite then kill him. Also DC planned out their next movies with Wonder woman, Aquaman the most hated superhero, and Cyborg the first black superhero. But they will have to verse marvel with Marvel civil war. Last, you replaced a good Batman, Christen Bale, with a terrible one.Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 2.50.18 PM

Movie Review The Iron Giant

This movie is a classic but not a lot of people know about it. It is about how a giant robot from another planet comes to Earth. A little boy befriends the giant and teaches it to speak. But the government are after it. The setting is during the cold war in the 1950s in a small little town. The boy tries to hide the giant from a man from the CIA. He then meets a man who lets the giant eat scrap from the dump. It also has some anti war symbol. The giant is actually a death weapon but he only fights back when he sees a gun. In the end the CIA member then decides to call in a nuke. He then realizes that the town will be destroyed and everyone will die. The boy snaps the giant out of a war trance saying “You don’t have to be a weapon.” Spoiler The giant sacrifices itself so that the people can live. He dies while saying “Superman.” It is very sad and will make you cry. But in the end he gets his own statue. But also in the end you see his hand crawling towards his body. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 2.31.07 PM