The 10 Worst Pet Peeves Someone Can Have

Here is a list of the ten  eleven most annoying things in the world.

  1. You are visibly upset and someone comes up to you and asks you if you’re ok.
  2. You are reading a book and someone comes over and pulls it out of your hands or reads over your shoulder.
  3. When you are trying to focus on your work and someone comes over and disturbs you.
  4. Someone comes over and gives you snide comments.
  5. Someone comes over and starts to poke you for your attention.
  6. You are trying to get things done in class and one of your classmates is preventing that.
  7. Someone tells something to people about you that you don’t want people to know.
  8. Someone is texting you and it is only one word text messages.
  9. Someone calls you and says they really didn’t expect you to answer, so they decide to just text you.
  10. Someone starts complaining to you about things that shouldn’t be complained about.

-Shikha Patel with help from Cassandra Grace and Aunt Edith


The bee story

If you don’t like bugs I recommend not reading this…. So I was in 6th or 5th grade and my ear hurt since the moment I woke up. I looked up at my room and everything was normal except one thing, the window was open and I didn’t notice. All of a sudden my ear rang and I jumped. I did the normal things people do when the wake up and I went to school. All day long my ear kept ringing like something was in there my ear trying to escape.Then I could not take it I went to the nurse and she called my dad and he took me home. When I reached the steps my ear rang for the last time and I almost fell over crying if it wasn’t for my father who caught me. He took a look in my ear but couldn’t see anything, he took me to the doctor and the nurse looked in my ear and she left the room and came back with 2 nurses and they took turns looking in my ear and pulled my dad aside and told him in a whisper that I could hear, “There is something in her ear” “It’s black and yellow” “It’s a bee” They said. “A BEE?!?!” And thats all I said before I flipped out. I started crying a river right there in the room and jumped from the bed and my dad hugged me and told me everything will be ok. The nurses said they would be right  back and they came back with the doctor. She took a look and said “Yep, thats a bee alright” I cried again  while the nurses explained that they have to take it out as soon as possible. My dad  held me while they tried to take it out every time they cut my ear I flinched, they cut me twice. Finally they gave up and talked to my dad while they left me crying. My dad came back and said lets go. I didn’t say a thing I just let carry me to the car.


The next time I woke up I was in the car and my dad just pulled into the drive way of another building and he led me inside. We waited in the waiting room in till I finally asked ” Why are we here?” “We are here because there is someone who ca help you here.” He said.  Then perfect timing someone called my name and they took me in the doctor looked in my ear and said “Really? Thats easy to get out! Don’t worry we will get that out before you know it.” He said. He took a tube and explained its like a vacuum and it wouldn’t hurt at all. He put it in and my ear cleared. He took it out and I was fine. My father thanked him and we went home.

From now on I learned to never keep my window open in the night.

From Life stories.