Will You Join Yearbook?

Do you like art, designing, dealing with computers, being creative, bringing your thoughts out, or just being part of a club and having fun.

If you answered yes to any of these activities, then you’re in for the yearbook club. It’s easy. All you have to do is sit at a computer, have fun with your friends, and stay after school to design pages for this year’s yearbook.

This club is always held after school until three thirty. Even though this looks like a long period of time just for a simple thing, trust me it’s not, you’ll have a lot of fun. Time goes through fast.

This is your chance to show your brilliant ideas. This is your chance to show your creativity and the inner talent you have been hiding.




Conclusion of Guys and Dolls

This year’s TMS performance or Guys and Dolls has reached its end.

After a fifth performance – that I went to – had been added, the cast of Guys and Dolls sang “Rockin’ the Boat’ for the last time on Saturday.

The show was amazing: it made me laugh, the singing was exceptional, the costumes were beautiful, and the dancing was well rehearsed and choreographed.

I’m so proud of my friends and I wanna try out next year!

I would like to send a special shout out to Mr. Grossman, the director of this marvelous performance. Bravo to the cast and ensemble as well!!!

Guys and Dolls Play

Some of TMS’s most talented actors and actresses are getting ready to perform Guys and Dolls, a musical about gamblers.

The basic idea of this play is that a man named Nathan has to gamble to earn money, so he bets that if he picks a girl (doll), who refuses to go on a date with his friend, Sky, Nathan wins a thousand dollars. He chooses Sarah Brown, who rebuffs Sky.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s fiance, Adelaide, is becoming upset that after a fourteen-year engagement, he waits still to have a wedding. Sky finally convinces Sarah to go out with him. At the bar, he hides rum in her drink so that she will kiss him at the end of their date. Nathan faints when he realizes he lost the bet.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the play for you! But make sure you buy your tickets as soon as they start selling them! Who wouldn’t want a front-row seat?

-Julia Menaker, January 8, 2015

Students travel to TES for the annual holiday concert

Today, the 7-12 band will be traveling to the Tyngsborough Elementary School to preform Christmas music for the Elementary students. Do you remember when the Middle schoolers preformed when you were in Elementary school? It’s quite a shock for this year’s band students. You could say it is an extreme #FlashbackFriday. Today, the Holiday Ensemble members will also be preforming on the THS balcony. Look for them as you walk in to High School!

Christmas Ensemble

Christmas ensemble is starting for grades 7-12 today! Today is the first practice and they continue for the next three weeks.  The students participating will be learning your traditional Christmas songs.  A few mornings in December the students will play on the balcony in the high school as people walk in.  The students are looking forward to the practices and performances that will take place.

—Meghan Brady, November 6, 2014

Guys and Doll auditions!!!!

The auditions for Guys and Dolls approach! Next Wednesday, the 5th of November, all sixth graders have the opportunity to audition. The following Thursday the 6th are tryouts for seventh and eighth graders. Auditioning can be stressful, with Mr. Grossman’s eyes staring down into your soul, trying to remember the words to a song you thought you knew, and focusing on singing on key. As some one who has auditioned before, I can offer a few tips to first time auditioners. One thing to remember is that you will be nervous. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it, so act like you’re calm. Acting collected during an audition shows that you can act collected on stage. Before and after you audition, you will wait in the cafeteria. Keep in mind that that is part of your audition, too. If you behave poorly in the cafeteria, it gives the impression that you always misbehave. I would recommend doing homework while waiting, as auditions can last well into the night. Don’t forget to try hard and do your best!

Interview with Middle and High School Band Teacher, Mr. Eaton

The 5-12 band teacher was interviewed by our very own Julia Grimm.

What inspired you to be a band teacher?

I had a great high school band teacher, and I’ve always loved music.

How do you handle your crazy band students?

I try to keep a sense of humor.

Rate strawberry poptarts 1-10, 1 being the worse and 10 being the best.

I’d say a 7.5

Is coke your favorite drink?

I’d say ice coffee is.

JG How many instruments do you play?

I play all of the primary instruments. But I don’t play them all well, just enough to get students started. I would’t make anyone pay to hear me play the saxophone.

Do you wish there were piano and string instruments in the band too?

No. But only because piano and string instruments aren’t band instruments. But, it would be nice to have kids have the opportunity to play piano and string instruments if they wanted to.

Do you think this interview went well?

Yes, Julia, it was a pleasure talking to you!

—Julia Grimm October 26, 2014