Clinton Confusion

While on the Steve Harvey Show, Hillary Clinton confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. That’s right, folks. Hillary Rodham Clinton made a mistake. Surprising. She was explaining her opinion on gun control and said, and I quote, “Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”. As you probably know, that quote was actually written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. It isn’t the first mistake she made, but it’ll stick with her and the people. If you need some evidence because you think it’s false, here’s a link. Have an awesome day.

Should Voting Be Mandatory


Should voting be mandatory?

My point of view answer:

From my opinion, voting should not be mandatory.


What is one reason why voting should not be mandatory?

My point of view answer:

One reason why voting shouldn’t be mandatory is because when some people are forced to vote, they might make a huge mistake when voting for a president that is fit for the job. When they will be forced to vote, they might not just care about the who becomes president. They might give a vote to a candid that is unfit for the nation. This one vote might add up and the unfit president might get elected. This would be torture your nation for four or more years!

So make your choice wisely!!!!



Star Trek is Better

Now, you might see Julia’s post on Star Wars, but let me tell you, STAR TREK IS WAY BETTER! Here are some reasons on why Star Trek is so much more awesome :


  1. Star Trek’s movies are less confusing. Star Wars’ movies aren’t in order, and is hard to keep track on which is which. There are so many Star Wars movies now that it’s hard to remember all of them. Star Trek has only a few movies, and they are in order, which is much simpler.
  2. Star Wars is just space cowboys fighting. It has a too simple plot, and is so typical. Star Trek, on the other hand, makes you think. People don’t like to think when watching movies, but it’s not hard to understand. The plot makes sense, you jus have to understand everything. People hate the things they don’t understand.
  3. Star Trek basically predicted the future. Star Trek predicted IPads, Facetime, cell phones, and a bunch of other things. If you don’t believe me, re-watch Star Trek and you can see for yourself.
  4. There is more Star Trek than Star Wars. Including Star Trek : The Next Generation,  Voyager, Deep Space 9, and Enterprise (and soon to be 12 more movies). All of the canon runtime material is over 22 days, and Star Wars only has three movies (not counting the prequels). The total runtime in all the Star Wars movies is less than 14 hours (NOT INCLUDING THE NEWEST MOVIE). That’s not very long.
  5. Star Trek is created using real-world problems and recreating them. Star Trek deals with racial issues, homosexuality, death, and even AIDS. Though is was at times overdone, it still had a message to give, but Star Wars doesn’t. Did you know that the first televised mixed-racial kiss was on Star Trek? I didn’t think so.

That ends my true, factual rant. Go watch Star Trek.


~Miranda C

Politics are Confusing

Incase you were/are confused about what’s going on inside the presidential run, here are some facts about each candidate!

1.) Hilary Clinton – 68 y/o

  • Democratic Party
  • Former Secretary of State
  • Worth 45 million dollars
  • Announced candidacy April 12, 2015

2.) Donald Trump – 69 y/o

  • Republican
  • Television personality, business author, and real estate developer (Trump Luxury Real Estate)
  • Worth four billion dollars
  • Announced candidacy June 16, 2015

3.) Ben Carson – 64 y/o

  • Republican
  • Retired neurosurgeon
  • Worth 10 million dollars
  • Announced candidacy May 4, 2015

4.) Jeb Bush – 62 y/o

  • Republican
  • Former governor of Florida
  • Worth 1.3 million dollars
  • Announced candidacy June 15, 2015

5.) Bernie Sanders – 74 y/o

  • Democrat
  • US Senator
  • Worth $700,000
  • Announced candidacy May 26, 2015

6.) Deez Nuts (Brady Olsen) – 15 y/o

  • Independent
  • Politician
  • Unknown net worth
  • Announced candidacy July 28, 2015

Don’t get your hopes up — Brady Olsen isn’t old enough to become president. He is 15 years old and made his candidacy a joke at first. You must be 35 years or older to become president of the United States of America. Have fun getting into a heated argument with your friends about who’s the best for president!!

~ Miranda C