February 7, 2016 is a big day in the NFL…it’s the SUPER BOWL! I’m not a big fan of the Super Bowl other than the commercials and sometimes the half time show. But, this Super Bowl is super duper important to the SportsWorld™ (not actually a trademark fyi). It’s Super Bowl 50! Fifty years ago, this frustrating-to-watch-infused sport was created. I actually have no idea if it was created before that, but whatever. It’s emotional for many jocks in the United Sports of America. And I’ll end this post with a bang.


Sports are cool.


~ Miranda C.

P.S. Johnny Cade liked football and he died. Just saying @ Cassandra…….

U14 Tyngsborough Cheerleading

Congratulations to the U14 Tyngsborough Cheerleading! They have gotten first place at “Funcomp,” first at Locals, and First at Regionals! They will be competing in Florida on December 12th or 13th for Nationals.

If you see any of them in the hallways, be sure to congratulate them!

Deflated Balls, Tom Brady, and Other Scandalous Things, Oh My!

Today, my good people, I have learned more about football and their really stupid scandals than I have ever wanted to in my entire life. So here it is folks,the breaking news that started the third world war; the thing that made the sky fall, and Patriot fans everywhere cry to their mommies. Tom Brady screwed up. Really badly. Other people were in on the (what I’m forever and always going to refer to it as), Tom Brady’s Deflated Balls Failure. Anyway, while I personally don’t really care about Mr. Brady’s balls (on the fields or off), it’s not American of me to admit that, with Football being America’s favorite sport and all…… Whatever, the point is, even if I don’t care lots of people do. So Tom Brady was found guilty (you read that right) of cheating. OH MY GOD, it’s the end of the world! Lets be realistic. People cheat all of the time. So what’s the problem? There are multiply problems. The first one is probably that Tom Brady and his footballs are professional and famous. So Mr. Brady has been found guilty of cheating; he kept pushing his equipment manager to deflate some balls during the playoffs, according to the Wells Report. What’s the big deal? Honestly.

Brady being guilty isn’t the thing that’s problematic. And that’s where things get a little more than sticky. Brady is rich, famous, white, and really big in a billion dollar league. UGGGGG….. Things just have to be complicated, don’t they? Here’s where things get even sticker. The NFL has been lowering the BOOM on lots of less wealthy, not as famous African  American players who committed crimes that don’t really directly affect things on the field. So who knows what’s gonna happen if Brady takes his Deflated Balls Scandal to court. While Brady should be suspended for the whole 2015-2016 NFL season because he broke lots of rules that directly had to do with the integrity of football games (whatever that means), in a way the definitely helped his team, he’s only suspended for the first four games, and the Patriots were only fined a million dollars. Which may seem like a lot, but when your team is that rich, I guess it isn’t. Who knows what will happen next.

I’ll keep you lovely little angels posted to see if Tom Brady takes his balls to court.

~~Cassandra Grace

Deflated Footballs

Radios, newspapers, magazines, and journalism blogs are all racing to get the latest scoop on the Patriot’s deflated footballs. According to 103.3 AMP radio, the Pats deflated the balls to make them easier to catch and make field goals with. The Seahawks are using this to their advantage at the upcoming Super Bowl.  The Pats will STILL be at the Super Bowl, so get your pizza and cupcakes – get ready to celebrate! -Me, 1.22.15

Patriots Versus the Colts

The Patriots are having a showdown against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are 6 and 3, and they have lost to the Steelers, Broncos, and Eagles. The patriots are 7 and 2. I think it could be a close game because they are both good teams. We don’t have good defense in letting Tom Brady getting tackled. Also, the Colt and Patriot rivalry is one famous moment in sports. The fight also involved two great quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. The Colts used to be in Baltimore. I think this will be a great game and very close one, too.

Patriots Vs Bears

On Sunday Patriots are versing the Bears. The Patriots are 5 and 2. The Bears are 3 and 4. It will start at 1 pm. It is a home game for the Patriots. The last game the Bears lost against the Dolphins who the Patriots lost against on the first game. It was 27 to 14 and the Bears lost. The Patriots have a higher chance of winning because of their record. The Bears are losing more often then winning. I think Tom Brady will win us up the game. Hopefully the Patriots will win and not lose.

-Joshua Mitchell