The Difference Between a Thesis in an Open Response and an Essay

Dear Aunt Adeline,

What is the difference between the thesis in an open response and an essay? Can you please help me out?


Dear Pleasehelpme,

Sure I can help you. The difference is in an open response the thesis is the first sentence of the first paragraph. In an essay the thesis is the last sentence in the first sentence. Just remember though, if the topic is about a book always remember to state the title and the author.

-Aunt Adeline

-Shikha Patel

A Fundraiser Held By Georgi Nelson


Were you aware of a fundraiser that was happening during your lunch period?

There was a fundraiser going on by a eighth grade student named Georgi Nelson. The fund raiser was held during lunches.

You had to give one dollar for each raffle ticket. The raffle was held for school supplies and the winner will be announced Monday 6 during Homerooms. The winner will win the supplies.

-Shikha with help from Georgi Nelson

Current Event

You were probably sitting in a classroom or at your house when you thought today is a slow day. Well, you had no idea that a person in Florida has been committing a crime.

A man in Florida was caught trying to steal a snake by hiding it in his pants. This happened in St. Petersburg in Florida.

The owner of the store was Steve Silk. He told that WFLA that the criminal (Treder) had stolen other animals before on other moments. The store owner had not noticed until now.

They caught Travis Treder by checking the surveillance cameras.

They also say that he had stolen things worth of thousands of dollars and the baby python would have cost $150.

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Top Five Puns

A rule of grammar: double negatives are a no-no.

The local gene pool looks like it could use quite a bit of chlorine.

What did the sea say to the sand? Nothing, it simply waved.

I injured my finger preparing cheese for our pasta. I seem to have grater problems.

What would you call a fish with a missing eye?

A fsh, probably.

More jokes at

How to Not Forget Which Homework You Have

Dear Aunt Adeline,

I am starting to sometimes forget things that I have for homework. What should I do? I really need something to help me remember. Do you have any advice from me?

From                                                                                                                                                                        I need help remembering

Dear I need help remembering,

I know you can sometimes forget what you have for homework, but it is not a good thing. Below are two suggestions that I have for you:

Write Down Everything

One advice that I have for you is to write down all your homework. Now, the question is where should you write the homework down? Well, you should go buy a agenda book. Every time you go to your classes, write down the homework you have. Never leave your classes without writing down your homework.

Check the Blogs

Check if your teachers have blogs that they post homework and everything you need to know. If you forget to write down any of your homework or you just want to double check your homework, just go onto the teacher’s blog.

I hope this helps you!!!

From,                                                                                                                                                                      Aunt Adeline


Statehouse Trip

I recently won an award (The Letters About Literature one) by writing a letter to Rainbow Rowell, the critically acclaimed author of the young adult novels;  Attachments, Eleanor and Park, Landline, Fangirl, and Carry On. I wrote to Rowell about her book Fangirl.

Since I won an award I had the opportunity to go to The Statehouse on Tuesday to get a certificate on my great writing. My parents (all four of them), my english teacher, Mr. Maslanka, and my best friend went with me. I got a free book and listened to people’s stories and letters. It was really cool and I learned a lot.

And on a less serious note, my father lost the car in a parking lot for like, 20 minutes, so the trip was more like The Statehouse and then a show. Oh, and my best friend got a free lunch, which was the only reason why she came.

It was a really awesome experience but I definitely would not go through it again.

Have a great day, my lovely little angels,

Cassandra Lily Grace



In My Hands

In My Hands is a novel written by Irene Gut Opdkye with Jennifer Armstrong.

The setting is during the World War II period.

The main character in this novel is Irena Gut.

A Little Bit About The Book

Irena wants to be a nurse and then finds out that Polish is being invaded. She got just perfect timing. She is a student nurse and she gets the opportunity to get to be a nurse that helps her country. To find out more about her journeys read the novel!

Irena faces many characters that she needs to be careful with and faces only a certain amount of people that she can trust like people who help her escape.

This is about part of the Holocaust happening in the setting.










The Top Ten Books to Read

The top five books/series to read:

  • The Hybrid Chronicles                                                                                                                                         By: Kat Zhang
  • Percy Jackson Series                                                                                                                                             By: Rick Riordan
  • The Outsiders                                                                                                                                                          By: S.E. Hinton
  • Song of Achilles                                                                                                                                                      By: Madeline Miller
  • The Book Thief                                                                                                                                                        By: Markus Zusak
  • Harry Potter                                                                                                                                                             By: J. K. Rowling
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian                                                                                          By: Sherman Alexie
  • The Fifth Wave Series                                                                                                                                           By: Rick Yancey
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Unive                                                                              By: Benjamin Alire Saenz
  • Carry On                                                                                                                                                        By: Rainbow  Rowell

-Shikha Patel with help from Cassandra G.  and Julia M.

Clinton Confusion

While on the Steve Harvey Show, Hillary Clinton confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. That’s right, folks. Hillary Rodham Clinton made a mistake. Surprising. She was explaining her opinion on gun control and said, and I quote, “Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”. As you probably know, that quote was actually written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. It isn’t the first mistake she made, but it’ll stick with her and the people. If you need some evidence because you think it’s false, here’s a link. Have an awesome day.

Ways to Study for Vocabulary

Dear Aunt Adeline,

I just had a vocab quiz and I totally failed it. I figured out I have been failing my vocabulary quizzes. I really need to change the way that I study? I really need help! Do you have any advice?

– please

Dear please,

There are many different ways to study. Here is one way to study for vocabulary.

Create Flashcards

Everytime you get vocabulary to study, you can make flashcards. You should write the word on one side and the definition on the other side. When you go to study the flashcards you can look at the definition and try to remember the word the definition explains or defines. Make a pile for the ones you got correct and ones that you get wrong. Keep on practicing every day. Make sure you put in your best effort though.

Remember this is only one way you can study vocabulary. Like I said before, there are many other ways to study for vocabulary.

-Aunt Adeline


Dallas Winston <3

Ok, so we all have read the amazing, and emotional book The Outsiders “(Dallas is vv hot and Georgi is in love with him as much as that orange she’s devouring which is like scary tbh -sam), and since we all have read it, we can come to an agreement that… DALLAS WINSTON IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON. *cue crying real tears*. I mean he’s attractive, he can stand up for himself, he’s attractive… did I happen to mention he’s attractive? Dally is amazing, and if you disagree… fight me.

Cori Winston


February 7, 2016 is a big day in the NFL…it’s the SUPER BOWL! I’m not a big fan of the Super Bowl other than the commercials and sometimes the half time show. But, this Super Bowl is super duper important to the SportsWorld™ (not actually a trademark fyi). It’s Super Bowl 50! Fifty years ago, this frustrating-to-watch-infused sport was created. I actually have no idea if it was created before that, but whatever. It’s emotional for many jocks in the United Sports of America. And I’ll end this post with a bang.


Sports are cool.


~ Miranda C.

P.S. Johnny Cade liked football and he died. Just saying @ Cassandra…….

Wonder Woman First Look and Suicide Squad Trailer!!

As you may already know, Wonder Woman the movie is coming out in 2017. She is personally my all time favorite superhero because she is a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man…
Anyway, there was a first look on the CW (which you can find here) on Wednesday, January 21, 2016. The ten second parts of the movie look pretty epic and exciting. Just on thing. It doesn’t show any easter eggs or anything like that. I don’t think. When First Looks air, they usually include small, .5 seconds of a detail that could change the whole plot than what the viewer thinks. In my opinion, it looks pretty awesome, but also holey. I understand that it’s only a first look and the makers of the movie don’t want to give away too much, but I mean, give us something more to figure out. We need more pieces of the puzzle to put it together!!


Also in the non existent Comic-Book-to-Movie News, the FIRST OFFICIAL SUICIDE SQUAD TRAILER CAME OUT (here). ‘But, Miranda, you seem more excited about this movie than your favorite superhero’s movie’ but this is coming out this year and there is an actual trailer for this movie. This is much more important.

I haven’t watched it yet because I have a life outside of lazing around on the internet, so I don’t really have anything to say about it.




~Miranda C.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders is a wonderful novel written by S.E. Hinton.

The setting for this book is Oklahoma during the 1960’s.

Some of the characters in this book are Ponyboy, Johnny, Sodapop, Two – Bit, Darry, Dally, Bob, and Randy.

This novel has a first person ( limited ) narration.

There are two sides in this book. These sides are like the sides we have in society or in other words the different types of groups ( An example would be the popular group and the non – popular group).  The two sides are the Socs and the Greasers. Socs stands for the Socials. The Greasers are called greasers because of their greasy hair. The Socs are more popular than the Greasers.

A few themes for this book are even though there are different groups in society there will always be similarities in those groups, decisions made by emotions can be wrong or dangerous, and ,finally, nothing gold can stay.

In this book, there are flashbacks, allusions, and figurative language.

I would rate this book a five out of five, because every single, little detail is set perfectly to form this wonderful story.

Quote said by Johnny: “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold….”


Star Wars is Better

Miranda wrote a post about how Star Trek is better than Star Wars, but allow me to tell you why I (and most of the world) think Star Wars is better than Star Trek.

Star Trek is a very technical series. It feels like it was written just for science fiction lovers. Star Wars appeals to lots of people with different tastes. Action for action-lovers, humor, romances for the romantics, Ewoks for the children (or anyone born after the Ewok Line – hahahahahaha!), and music you’ll be singing the rest of your life.

Star Wars is surrounded by so many themes about love, family, sacrifice, and willpower. Star Trek  just isn’t entertaining enough to convey those themes to me.

This is just my personal opinion, but Star Wars is simply more awesome.


I’m Failing All My Classes

“Dear Aunt, Edith

i hav horible news. i amm deat. well not literaly i gues. any way i amm failinig my clasesss. it is almast pregross ropert time to. what do i do. i am failinig matetmaticics, ela, sceicne, sicoal studeis and every one of my rest of the clasesss to. do u hav ani advice for me! can u holp me!

-almost deat

Sometimes, the stress of middle school can de difficult to manage. Especially if you have other problems at home on top of that. But that really is no reason to be failing every class. Here a few tips to bring your grades up:

Do Homework and Pass it in on Time

Homework can be boring – everyone in the world knows that. But one thing that could be lowering your grade is not turning in your homework every day. A late homework assignment once in a long time will not bring your grade from an A to an F, but if you’re consistently passing in homework late or not passing it in at all, your grade will plummet. Try to get your homework done as soon as possible after school, and put it back into your bag as soon as you’re finished. It’s a very simple task.

Study for Your Test and Quizzes

Studying can also be boring too, but in order to pass your test and quizzes you need to study hard. When studying try to study in a quiet area where nothing or nobody can disturb you. Try to study at least starting from five to three days before the test. Study the way that helps you the most, perhaps using index cards for vocabulary or notes for other things. When studying try not to get distracted. Try to study at least three times before the test or quiz. Study the hardest as you can and you are sure to pass your test or quiz.

Put in Your Best Effort and Ask Questions When Needed

In everything you do always try your best. Trying your best always helps. When needed always ask questions. If you are confused on something always remember to ask. Asking questions will always make things more clear for you. Even if you think you are wrong, always offer your answer to teachers, because being wrong always teaches you something.

With Love,

Aunt Edith


Also Aunt Adeline





Should Voting Be Mandatory


Should voting be mandatory?

My point of view answer:

From my opinion, voting should not be mandatory.


What is one reason why voting should not be mandatory?

My point of view answer:

One reason why voting shouldn’t be mandatory is because when some people are forced to vote, they might make a huge mistake when voting for a president that is fit for the job. When they will be forced to vote, they might not just care about the who becomes president. They might give a vote to a candid that is unfit for the nation. This one vote might add up and the unfit president might get elected. This would be torture your nation for four or more years!

So make your choice wisely!!!!



My Best Friend is Ignoring Me for Her Boyfriend

“Dear Aunt Edith,

I am absolutely fuming. My best friend is constantly ditching me to hang out with her boyfriend. I mean, I understand she wants to hang out with him sometimes, but even if me and her boyfriend are there at the same time, she barely talks to me and clings onto him like a parasite. It’s nauseating! She acts like such a jerk when she’s around him because he’s got this awful influence on her. The worst part is she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing or how I or our other friends feel about it!

Please help.”


Dear IWantToStabHerBoyfriend,

Your best friend probably wants her boyfriend to accept her and like her a lot, so naturally, she would try to stay around him a lot and adopt his personality a bit. That’s what she thinks she’s doing. But actually, she is pushing you and your other friends away on order to be with him more. This can be frustrating for, (a) the friends, (b) the boyfriend, and (c) the parents – everyone’s parents. It can be difficult to tell her how you feel without offending her.

Try to get her to realize what she’s doing without telling her. Maybe when you invite her over, add a line such as, “Unless you have plans with ****** or something…” If she realized how uproportionate the amount of time she spends with her friends to the amount of time she spends with her boyfriend, she might solve the problem.

Or, if she’s the kind of person who would respect your opinion if you told her how you felt, give it a go and see where you get.

Middle school relationships usually don’t last that long so…

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. Nice username

Star Trek is Better

Now, you might see Julia’s post on Star Wars, but let me tell you, STAR TREK IS WAY BETTER! Here are some reasons on why Star Trek is so much more awesome :


  1. Star Trek’s movies are less confusing. Star Wars’ movies aren’t in order, and is hard to keep track on which is which. There are so many Star Wars movies now that it’s hard to remember all of them. Star Trek has only a few movies, and they are in order, which is much simpler.
  2. Star Wars is just space cowboys fighting. It has a too simple plot, and is so typical. Star Trek, on the other hand, makes you think. People don’t like to think when watching movies, but it’s not hard to understand. The plot makes sense, you jus have to understand everything. People hate the things they don’t understand.
  3. Star Trek basically predicted the future. Star Trek predicted IPads, Facetime, cell phones, and a bunch of other things. If you don’t believe me, re-watch Star Trek and you can see for yourself.
  4. There is more Star Trek than Star Wars. Including Star Trek : The Next Generation,  Voyager, Deep Space 9, and Enterprise (and soon to be 12 more movies). All of the canon runtime material is over 22 days, and Star Wars only has three movies (not counting the prequels). The total runtime in all the Star Wars movies is less than 14 hours (NOT INCLUDING THE NEWEST MOVIE). That’s not very long.
  5. Star Trek is created using real-world problems and recreating them. Star Trek deals with racial issues, homosexuality, death, and even AIDS. Though is was at times overdone, it still had a message to give, but Star Wars doesn’t. Did you know that the first televised mixed-racial kiss was on Star Trek? I didn’t think so.

That ends my true, factual rant. Go watch Star Trek.


~Miranda C

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Through an odd turn of events and an act of surprising violence, Patroclus, the awkward son of  King Menoetius is exiled to Phthia and meets Achilles, the son of King Peleus and the often cruel sea goddess, Thetis. The half-god Achilles, the best of all Greeks, becomes fast friends with the mortal Patroclus. Thetis despises their relationship, claiming that no regular mortal will ever be good enough for her son. When the time comes, Thetis decides that Achilles needs to be trained by Chiron, the centaur who trains all Greek Heroes. She insists that Achilles needs to do this training alone. But Patroclus also needs to be with his best and only friend at all times, and obviously finds Achilles against Thetis’ wishes. Soon after they start their training with Chiron, they become a lot more than just friends. When news breaks out that the beautiful queen of Sparta, Helen, is kidnapped by Paris from Troy, Achilles faces a tough decision. War against Troy is going to break out soon. You can’t just kidnap the king of Sparta’s wife and not expect a fight. Achilles, the best warrior of all of Greece must decide between fame and glory or happy days of bliss with his  lover, Patroclus. Convinced that he’ll be the first hero to be famous and happy, Achilles decides to go to war. Out of love and a great deal of fear, Patroclus decides to go to war with Achilles even though he can’t fight. In another weird turn of events, Achilles’ honor gets wounded and the best warrior known to man refuses to fight any longer. Can Greece when the war without him? What will it take for Achilles to start fighting again? And can a hero be both famous and happy?

~~Cassandra Lily Grace


Chains is a great novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Chains is set during the Revolutionary War time period. This involves Patriots, Loyalists, and Neutralists. This also involves the defeats between the British side which wants the colonies to not declare independence and the other side would be the American side which wants to declare independence and be free from the rule of Britain and it’s king, King George III.

Chains is about two young slaves. The two young slaves are Isabel and Ruth. They are both sisters. Ruth needs a little help taking care of herself. Their first owners have died. These two girls were legally supposed to be free after their owner died, but Mr. Robert takes her knowing this. Mr. Robert decides to sell them both. Luckily they both stay together. The Locktons had bought them. After they all go to the Lockton’s home in New York, some dramatic things started to happen.

What dramatic things happened though?

Well you’ll have to read the book to find out!!!


Genetically Modified Foods

Have you been eating genetically modified foods (GMF)?

How do you know if you have been eating GMF? There is mostly no labels on the food!!!

Well, what even is genetically modified food?

Genetically modified foods don’t taste different. They are equivalent to current crops being grown. How does it work? Well, scientists take a organism and change it by adding DNA from another organism to it.

There is really no sure answer yet of whether it is safe or not!!!

Here are some websites that tell you more about GMFs:


English and It’s Words

The English language can be hard sometimes… This post will help you find the word you are looking for–and maybe these will surprise you!


  • There, their, they’re

Over THERE, Over THEIR house (Shows ownership), THEY’RE over here (They are)

  • Road, rode

ROAD is what you drive on, RODE is past-tense ride

  • Its, it’s

ITS is possessive (The house has its flaws), IT’S is  contraption of it is or it has

  • I could care less

You still care, even a little bit. The right sentence is I COULDN”T CARE LESS

  • Scratch, itch

You SCRATCH an ITCH, you can’t itch a scratch


I hope this helped you, because English grammar is very confusing at times. If you have any other words that you are confused with, comment them below! And, you can watch this video to learn some more English language rules

Have a grammar-rific day!


~Miranda C

The Election of 2016

Are you wondering about the election that is going to happen in 2016?

The democratic candidates that are running are Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Bernie Sanders. The republic candidates are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiornia, Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, George Pataki, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and finally Donald Trump.

Here is a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton:

Here is a campaign ad for the leading republic candidate, Donald Trump:

Who do you want the president to be?

-Shikha and Julia M.

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Sup fellas and lady fellas, today I am writing to tell you about an amazing book I read over summer vacation. I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson is about love. All types of love. Especially family love. The story really begins after a tragic accident happens, leaving the two main characters, Noah and Jude, motherless. After the accident Jude acts dangerously inward while Noah acts horrendously outwards. How can twins still get along after a series of events breaks them apart? Will crushes pull them apart? Will tragedy force them to stay out of each other’s lives, or will a sibling bond heal the rift?

~~Cassandra L. Grace


How could someone ban a book as amazing as  Harry Potter? Personally, this was the first book series that I really liked.

Can you believe it? One school,the St. Mary’s Island school of England in Chatham, Kent, has already banned the Harry Potter series!!! The head teacher from that school has said,” The bible is very clear and consistent in its teachings that wizards, devils, and demons exist and are very real, powerful and dangerous and God’s people are told to have nothing to do with them.” She has also said, “I believe it is confusing to children when something wicked is being made to look fun.” I can’t believe this. I honestly have no words.

For some children Harry Potter were the books that made them readers. Why would you want to take that away from someone? Books are for people who want to go places they will never be able to go. Whether it’s Hogwarts or Camp Half-blood or Watford or any number of places filled with magic, you can escape within their fictional walls. It’s all fictional, and fictional magic can’t hurt anyone.

People are starting to think that these books are too dark and scary for children that read it. Especially the later books in the series. Some other people think that Harry’s it’s simply a “long tradition” of storytelling. They think it’s important to get the story ” outside the box.”

Harry Potter is being banned because of his “bad” behavior. He and his friends apparently break rules and deliberately disobey professors. But he only does those things for the benefits of the whole wizarding world or because Snape is being a jerk to him.

So you lovely muggles, what do you think? Should Harry Potter be banned? Should any books be banned?

Even though the books are violent, dark, and scary they are just meant to be something different or as some people think ” outside the box.”

~~ Cassandra Grace

~~ Shikha Patel

H.P. Lovecraft

Currently, I am reading a book of short stories by an author named H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft was born in 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Throughout his childhood he was sick very frequently.  During this time he educated himself on a wide array of subjects and further advanced himself in reading and writing. He mainly focused on horror in his writing and had a large impact on 20th century literature.  The title of the book I’m reading is The Call of Cthulu and Other Weird Stories.  It certainly lives up to its genre: Horror.  He references chilling things in his short stories that will make you shift uncomfortably and cringe at the gruesomeness of certain things.  He wrote things that will make you look over your shoulder to make sure a horrifying monster out for blood is not following you.  I just finished the chapter titled The Outsider where the protagonist is a man who has lived in a dark castle his whole life.  He has never seen the sun because tall, dark trees cast darkness across the only place he has ever known.  But, once he finds the sun he has a shocking revelation about himself.  He is the monster.  I’m currently reading Herbert West- Reanimator.  This is by far the creepiest story that I’ve read so far.  Herbert West was in medical school and was known for his strange beliefs that one could artificially escape death.  He would perform tests on guinea pigs, cats, and dogs that he killed.  He would try and get signs of life from the test subjects in his own horrifying ways.  The school shut down his experiments but this drove his craving for knowledge.  He wants to test his methods on a human subject and that develops the plot in the story.  I certainly recommend this to anyone that likes Stephen King or any other horror writers.  From what I’ve read so far, it’s very well done and references topics that sound so ominous that you can’t help but look further into them.

—Meghan Brady, October 8, 2015

Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

American Airlines’ pilot died during a flight from Phoenix to Boston. The pilot’s name and cause of death have not yet been released by officials. The 57 year old pilot got sick and later died inside the cockpit. He was found dead at approximately 6:45 am. The co pilot landed the plane, that held 147 passengers, in Syracuse, New York at Logan airport. The flight took off from Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport and was supposed to land in Boston Massachusetts. Luckily, the plane landed safely and no one was injured or died-other than the pilot.

~ Miranda Chateauneuf

Debate Club

Debate Club started October first and not many people know about it. Debate Club fun, it uses your brain, and you can express your opinions as you please. It is very underrated, to be honest. If you would like to join, Debate Club joins every Thursday in Mrs. Flaherty’s classroom from 2 to 3 pm. Please consider joining!

The future belongs to those who prepare today.” ~Malcolm X

-Miranda Chateauneuf


PARCC or MCAS that is the question. Like banned books, the PARCC test has tons of controversy surrounding it. Unlike banned books, PARCC testing might actually be too much for students to handle. Did I just imply that kids can handle reading banned books? Yes. Did I also just imply that kids might not be ready to take the PARCC test made for their grade level? Again yes. So here it is fellas and lady fellas, controversy surrounding PARCC testing.

While college professors think that PARCC prepares students for college level courses, teachers, students, and parents think that PARCC tests students on work that is above their grade level and knowledge.

He said he felt stupid and I said why did you feel stupid?  And he said there was a lot of things that he wasn’t taught and he didn’t understand and so as a parent I don’t understand why we’re setting out kids up for failure

Kim Comatas, a mother of a 7th grader said that when questioned about why she didn’t let her kid take the PARCC test. Over 150 families didn’t allow their children to take the test and John Oliver absolutely smashed Pearson (the company that makes these tests) on his once a week show, Last Week Tonight.

MCAS doesn’t prepare students enough for college and PARCC prepares students too well. Which do you choose? PARCC or MCAS.

~~Cassandra Grace

TMS Theater’s Production of The Little Mermaid Jr.

This year, Mr. Grossman and the kids in TMS theater will be putting on the production of The Little Mermaid Junior. The play is based on the Disney musical that many of you might have seen.

The play is about a young mermaid named Ariel, who has a fascination with the world outside of the sea, much to her father’s (Tritan) disapproval. Her and her fish friend, Flounder, can often be found collecting trinkets from the world she longed to see.

After saving Prince Eric from a storm at sea, Ariel immediately falls for him. She returns to the sea, unable to stop thinking about her love for him. Sebastian, Tritan’s assistant, tries to convince Ariel to stay in the sea, but can’t get through to her. Tritan ends up destroying her collection, and a pair of eels are able to convince her to turn to Ursula, Tritan’s evil sister, to help her to be able to meet her true love. Ursula tells Ariel that she will help her, but Ariel must give Ursula her voice. Ariel agrees to the deal. Ursula says that she will give Ariel legs for three days. By sunset on the third day, she must kiss Prince Eric, or she will turn into one of Ursula’s tentacles.

Ariel becomes a human, and adjusting to human life isn’t easy, especially while she can’t talk. Prince Eric is determined to find the girl that recused him from the sea, and Ariel wants to prove to him that it’s her, but she is unable to sing the song he remembers her singing, so she must sit and watch him listen to princesses from all around until he finds the one who sang to him.

Meanwhile, Ursula uses the voice Ariel gave her, and attracts the prince so that Ariel cannot get a chance to kiss him.

How will it end? Find out in November when you come to the performance!

4 More Days of School!

There are only four more days of school!

That’s just 18 more hours!

  1. With the exception of 2, all prime numbers are odd.
  2. A British website sells land on Mars and Venus for about $29 an acre.
  3. It’s impossible to spell a word using inly the bottom row on a keyboard.
  4. “A man a plan a canal panama” is the same thing when reversed.

—Meghan Brady, June 11, 2015

8 More Days of School!

There are only 8 more days of school!

That’s just 42 more hours!

  1. The university of Minnesota is older than the state Minnesota itself.
  2. 96% of people in the U.S. live within 20 miles of a Walmart.
  3. You can’t swallow without putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  4. Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.
  5. 7/11 is called 7/11 because it’s open from 7 am to 11 pm.
  6. There is a city called Unalaska is Alaska.
  7. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.
  8. There is city in Oregon called boring.

—Meghan Brady, June 8, 2015

9 More Days of School!

There is only 9 more days of school!

That’s just 48 more hours!

We are officially out of the double digits!

  1. The giraffe is the tallest horned animal to ever live.
  2. More plant eating dinosaurs have been discovered than meat eating ones.
  3. A rubix cube has 43,000,000,000,000,000,000 (43 quintillian) possible configurations.
  4. Someone on Earth reports seeing a UFO every 3 minutes.
  5. Cows “moo” in different accents depending on where they live, just like humans.
  6. The first TV show to be put into reruns was “The Lone Ranger.”
  7. Most people have lost 50% of their taste buds by the time they are 60.
  8. A lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry.
  9. A dual between three people is called a “truel.”

—Meghan Brady, June 5, 2015

Missing All of School

“Dear Aunt Edith,

Next January, I’ll be missing five weeks of school on a vacation to California. I’m going to miss so much of school and I’m afraid I’ll be held back. What do I do?”


Dear It’sLikeI’mNeverComingBack,

It can be very stressful to miss a couple of days of school, never mind five weeks. The key is to plan out your make-up work.

Get Make-up Work Before Your Vacation

Talk to or email your teachers before your vacation and try to get all of your make-up work before you go to California. Do it on the way there, on the way back, etc. Maybe not ALL of your teachers will get ALL of it together for you, but at least you won’t have to do everything the day you get back.

Get a Friend to Tutor You

When you get back from California, ask a friend to help you do your make-up work. Ask to copy their notes, or to teach you how to solve the questions for the next unit.

Stay After With Teachers

In addition to having your friend help you, make sure you stay after with your teachers, too. There could be something your friend missed or more tips your friend doesn’t know.

Good luck, and have fun in California.

With Love,

Aunt Edith

P.S. Pack me in your suitcase. 😉

10 More Days of School!

10 more days of school!

That’s just 60 more hours!

This post will consist of 10 facts about phobias because there are tons of them and some are very strange.

  1. There are more than 400 distinct phobias that are recognized by psychologists.
  2. Phobephobia is the fear of having a phobia.
  3. Papaphobia is the fear of the Pope.
  4. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone or without signal or wifi.
  5.  Caligynephobia is the fear of beautiful women.
  6. Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school.
  7. Hippopotomonstrsesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.
  8. Cherophobia is the fear of being too happy because “something tragic will happen.”
  9. Philophobia is the fear of falling in love.
  10. Phobias may be memories passed down through generations in DNA, according to a new research.

—Meghan Brady, June 4, 2015

11 More Days of School!

There’s only 11 more days left of school!

That’s just 66 more hours!

  1. The largest known black hole has a diameter of 1 trillion km, more than 190 times the distance from the sun to Pluto.
  2. Dogs and elephants are the only animals that seem to instinctively understand pointing.
  3. Canada has fewer people than Tokyo’s Metropolitan area.
  4. In 2011,  a small town in Spain, on the brink of financial ruin, bet on the world’s biggest lottery and won.
  5. Cats can swallow and digest their food without chewing it.
  6. The Golden Gate Bridge uses the longest cables ever made, long enough to encircle the world 3 times at the equator.
  7. It would take a snail more than 4,575 years to circle the Earth.
  8. A group of zebras is called a “Dazzle.”
  9. Led Zeppelin got their name from a fellow musician who had said their band would go down like a “Lead Balloon.”
  10. The modern Ouija board got its name by asking the board what it should be called.

The Amazon River discharges 5 times as much water as any other river on the planet.

—Meghan Brady, June 3, 2015